MJ Looks to Sell Hornets Stake: Odds On MJ’s Next Move

  • Michael Jordan has been reported to be shopping his majority stake in the Charlotte Hornets.
  • Odds have been posted for what league he will next be a part owner in, including the MLS, NBA, NFL, MLB, or NHL.
  • Aside from not owning another team (-10000), his odds are the shortest for the NBA and MLS at +1100.

LAS VEGAS – Michael Jordan is a majority owner of the Charlotte Hornets but has announced he is engaged in talks to sell the stake. The inquiring group is led by Hornets minority owner Gabe Plotkin as well as Atlanta Hawks minority owner Rick Schnall.

With Jordan possibly selling the team before the end of their current season, many are looking to what his next business venture will be and if he will become at least a part owner for another franchise. Online betting sites have thus begun posting odds for the next league that MJ will take his ownership to before the end of next year.

What Will Michael Jordan Do Before the End Of 2024?

  • Not Owner of Any Team (Except the Hornets) -10000
  • Becomes Part Owner of An NBA Team (Except the Hornets) +1100
  • Becomes Part Owner of An MLS Team +1100
  • Becomes Part Owner of An MLB Team +1500
  • Becomes Part Owner of An NFL Team +1600
  • Becomes Part Owner of An NHL Team +3300

MJ’s Connections May Provide Guidance

While Jordan himself has not given much to go off of for what potential team he will next pursue, taking a look at some of the connections he has made throughout his playing career and post-retirement endeavors can provide some clues.

Right off the bat it should be no surprise that MJ’s most favored league is the NBA, and the Chicago Bulls would be easily the most likely team basing it off of Jordan’s lengthy 13-year legendary career. The only other team that Jordan played for, the Washington Wizards, would be another option.

Neither are actively looking for a new owner at the moment but Chicago would certainly be likely to welcoming back their most iconic player if approached, making the possibility real but mostly based on speculation.

Outside The Lines

Moving to the MLS is another interesting proposition, especially because we have seen many high-profile athletes buy up teams either partially or fully, such as former soccer star David Beckham. With the MLS being a newer league, it is also possible that the cheaper nature and growth potential of the purchases themselves may be an attractive choice for Jordan.

Becoming part owner of an MLB team would similarly be due to Jordan’s connections when he briefly played for the AA affiliate of the Chicago White Sox. Seeing as how Jordan has frequently spoken about his late father’s love for baseball, it would not be very far-fetched to say there is a possible reason for him to follow through with an MLB purchase.

A move to own an NFL team, while having longer odds than all leagues minus the NHL, does have some validity behind it. While many of the other leagues do not have many ownership openings at this time, the NFL’s Washington Commanders are being actively shopped by Dan Snyder.

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What’s more is that Jordan has been linked to the Commanders at least as a rumor. It is certainly an interesting wager, considering that having just one report, even as a rumor, makes this a more reliable bet than many of the ones with shorter odds.

After all, it would be difficult for Jordan to become a part owner of a team if there is no team that is looking for owners. The timeliness of the Commanders being sold and Jordan selling his Hornets stake certainly makes the +1600 odds a great value compared to the other mostly speculative options.

Last, and unfortunately least is the NHL, while the odds stand at a huge +3300, there is just no real connection between MJ and the NHL. There really is no team he has supported, no relevance in his past and generally this is the choice that is best left alone at the best online sportsbooks.