Bet On Who Will Accept Bitcoin In The Future, With Bitcoin

  • Not many American businesses accept Bitcoin.
  • American businesses with an international reach could be the first to accept Bitcoin.
  • Professional athletes have expressed interested in being paid in Bitcoin.

TALLAHASSEE, Fla. – There are bets being posted about which companies will start to accept Bitcoin first.

USA online sportsbooks are starting to take action on companies accepting Bitcoin as payment. Bitcoin is an international currency that many businesses around the world accept.

In fact, online sportsbooks accept Bitcoin as payment. So, it is possible to use Bitcoin for these wagers.

Betting On Who Will Accept Bitcoin

Airline Bitcoin

As you can see above, bettors are throwing money down on which U.S.-based airline will accept Bitcoin first. Currently, the American Airlines Group has the shortest odds to accept Bitcoin with +150 odds.

The reason is likely due to the fact that the American Airlines CEO, Doug Parker, has made comments about Bitcoin in the past. Parker said that he wanted to turn AAdvantage miles into Bitcoin. But with that comment, it seems like Parker did not fully understand what Bitcoin was. However, the interest is there.

American Airlines often have to travel outside of the country, as they conduct international business. It is entirely in the realm of possibility that one of these airlines could accept Bitcoin as payment.

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League Bitcoin

Online sportsbooks are also taking action on which sports league will be the first to pay their athletes in Bitcoin. The NFL has the shortest odds to pay their athletes in Bitcoin with +175 odds.

The NFL has influential Bitcoin advocates playing in their league right now. For example, offensive tackle for the Los Angeles Chargers Russel Okung is a huge advocate for Bitcoin.

A large majority of the tweets he posts on Twitter are about Bitcoin. He encourages people to study and invest in Bitcoin, much like he has. In recent weeks, he has started a tailgate at the Chargers stadium during home games for Bitcoin enthusiasts.

Although players like Okung want to be paid in Bitcoin, it is less likely to happen. Many businesses that are based in the United States and do domestic business do not accept Bitcoin. The NFL and many other leagues may do business outside of the U.S., but all of their athletes are in the U.S. It is unlikely that any of the leagues will make moves to pay athletes in Bitcoin anytime soon.

But as you can see, Bitcoin is becoming a hot topic recently. Online sportsbooks are taking notice of that and are taking action on it. Bettors are free to use Bitcoin to make their bets that involve Bitcoin.