Daily Sports Betting Preview 12/16: NBA Prop Betting Edition

  • Instead of simply betting on the games, many bettors choose to bet on individual player prop bets.
  • Bradley Beal of the Washington Wizards has an interesting points over/under line.
  • Kyle Lowry of the Toronto Raptors has demonstrated remarkable consistency for assists.

DETROIT – While many sports betting enthusiasts spend their time tonight on Monday Night Football, others will try to find smaller edges. Some of those edges come with smaller market sports but many can find solid betting action at US sportsbooks that they are familiar with without having to venture too far.

Bradley Beal Points Over/Under

The first prop bet to highlight is Bradley Beal’s projected scoring output. Beal has been on a tear this season, scoring 27.5 points per game. Tonight, his Washington Wizards play the Detroit Pistons, and bettors can find Beal’s over-under for points set at a monstrous 29 at SportsBetting Sportsbook.

While Beal has taken the reigns of the Wizards, he’s cooled recently, scoring 29 points or more only once in his last five outings – against Memphis, in a game the Wizards lost by 17. It is worth considering the possibility of his run of 30-point games has resulted in an inflated point projection on average.

The problem, of course, is that Beal is absolutely good enough to go for 30 on any given night, making betting against him a high-risk activity for your health, if not your pocketbook.

The Washington Wizards play the Detroit Pistons tonight at 7 PM EST, and the game will be broadcast on Fox Sports Detroit.

Kyle Lowry’s Assists and Toronto To Win

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The reigning champion Toronto Raptors hosts the bottom-of-the-barrel Cleveland Cavaliers tonight, in a game they are fairly favored to win. The Raptors enter the game as heavy favorites (-1000). However, if a bettor ties in a simple over-under for Kyle Lowry’s assists, they can move that line down a bit at what appears to be shockingly low risk.

At  SportsBetting,  bettors can get the combination of Lowry over five assists and the Raptors winning at -769, compared to the -1000 of betting on the Raptors straight up.

So far in the 2019-2020 season, Lowry has been averaging 6.8 assists as his age pushes him into a more secondary playmaking role. This seems like good news for those planning to take the over on five assists – averaging more than that is a good sign. Here’s the kicker, though: this season, Lowry has never finished a game with less than five assists.

As wild as it appears, last season held up as well – Lowry only had four games last season with less than five assists. This is a stunning level of consistency.

It’s pretty likely that Lowry will do the thing he’s done nearly every game for the last 15 months. With this, bettors should consider taking the prop instead of just picking Toronto to win straight up.

The Toronto Raptors clash with the Cleveland Cavaliers tonight at 7:30 PM EST. The game will be broadcast on Fox Sports Ohio.