Betting On 49ers QB Brock Purdy vs. The Philadelphia Eagles

  • Brock Purdy has +135 odds to pass for more than 1.5 touchdowns, but he’s done so in seven of his eight starts.
  • Purdy is up against an elite Philadelphia defense that is #1 in fewest passing yards allowed and #9 in passing touchdowns allowed.

PHILADELPHIA - As his San Francisco 49ers travel to Philadelphia for the NFC Championship Game, Brock Purdy is about to face his toughest test yet in the form of the Philadelphia Eagles defense.

Total Passing Touchdowns - Brock Purdy

  • Over 1.5 +135
  • Under 1.5 -180

Purdy has been an absolute passing touchdown machine this season. He’s 7-1 in terms of passing for more than 1.5 touchdowns – seven overs, one under.

The issue is that the one under is his most recent game, a 19-12 victory over the Dallas Cowboys that saw Purdy held entirely scoreless.

That’s the bad news. The worse news is that Dallas was 13 in the league in terms of fewest passing touchdowns allowed, and the online sportsbooks know it.

Philadelphia is 9, allowing 1.2 passing touchdowns per game on average, while Dallas is at 1.3.

Total Passing Yards - Brock Purdy

  • Over 222.5 -115
  • Under 222.5 -115

Purdy’s 222.5 passing yards O/U is the lowest of any of the four quarterbacks remaining in the playoffs.

In fact, the online sportsbook Bovada is currently giving Jalen Hurts of the Philadelphia Eagles -200 odds to have more passing yards than Purdy.

Purdy is coming off of a 214-yard performance against a tough Dallas defense. Again, however, where Dallas is good, Philadelphia is great.

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Dallas is 9 in the league in terms of fewest passing yards allowed, but Philadelphia is first, allowing only 175.9 passing yards per game!

For contrast, Dallas allowed an average of 207 pass yards per game – so Purdy was above average, but not by much.

He’d have to do significantly better than average in order to handle the dangerous Philadelphia defense and hit the Over here – about 1.25x better than average, to be exact.

The online sportsbooks evidently believe it’s in play. That said, this is a quarterback making his eighth start of his career against the best passing defense in the NFL.

Purdy’s San Francisco 49ers play in the NFC Championship game against the Philadelphia Eagles at 3 p.m. EST on Sunday.

Purdy To Throw For 2+ Touchdowns? Y/N