Betting On How Many Women Will Be Elected in The 2020 US Senate

  • Seven women being elected to the US Senate are listed at +120 odds.
  • Before Election Day, there are 26 women currently serving as US Senators.
  • There are 12 Women running for seats in the US Senate in the 2020 Election.

WASHINGTON – Much of the 2020 US Election attention has revolved around the Presidential Election between Democratic nominee Joe Biden and President Donald Trump as they’ve campaigned relentlessly amid the COVID-19 pandemic.

For some political betting enthusiasts, the focus might not be on the Presidential Election but instead the US Senate Races.

Coming into the 2020 Election the Senate was under the control of the Republican Party. It will be a tight race to see which party takes control of the Senate as the races across the board could shift the balance of power into the Democratic party's hands.

One glaring theme throughout the 2020 Senate races is the number of women that are running for office.

There are already 26 women serving the US as Senators and that number could with the possibility of more women winning Senate seats on Election Day. With various ways to bet on the Senate races, Bovada has a special prop listed that gives bettors the opportunity to take action on the number of women that will win their Senate races on Election Day.

How Many Women Will Win Election To The US Senate?

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  • 7 +120
  • 8 +125
  • 9 +700
  • 10 or More +1300
  • 6 +1500
  • 0-4 +4000
  • 5 +4000

Winner: 8 (+125). The +125 odds on eight women winning their bid for election to the US Senate are the best bets for this prop.

There are some boosters for this prop like the Senate race in Maine between (D)Sara Gideon and (R)Susan Collins where two women are running against each other.

Eight Women winning Senate seats isn’t outside of the realm of possibilities on Election Day. If looking to hedge your bet for this prop, take +120 odds on seven women being elected as well.

Those having the shortest odds can cover for any upsets at the polls on Tuesday.

It seems as though there could be a lot of major changes coming to the US government in this election and one of them seems to be that more women will be taking part in the political process.