Brazil Drop Puts France as 2026 World Cup Betting Favorites

  • Both France and Brazil opened at +500 odds to win the 2026 World Cup.
  • France is now the lone favorite with +500 odds.
  • Brazil now has +600 odds to win the World Cup in 2026.

NEW YORK – As the 2022 World Cup came to a close with Argentina coming out on top over France, oddsmakers acted quickly to list odds for the 2026 World Cup in which France and Brazil opened up as the favorites.

Online sportsbooks originally opened both teams odds at +500 until recently when France pulled away slightly remaining at +500 while Brazil dropped to +600.

2026 World Cup Odds

  • France +500
  • Brazil +600
  • England +700
  • Argentina +900
  • Spain +1000
  • Germany +1200

France 2026 World Cup Odds

There are plenty of factors that go into France’s World Cup odds opening as one of the favorites especially coming off of their run now where they went into the final with +165 odds to win in fulltime. Looking back to their previous World Cup odds, they’ve offered a profit when betting on their group qualifier odds and their odds to win their group.

Starting with their qualifier odds, they’ve opened at -550 or stronger odds to qualify since 2014 at -550 odds in 2014, -1250 odds in 2018, and -2000 odds in 2022. Betting $100 on them to qualify in each of the last three World Cups would’ve turned $31.18. As for their group odds, they’ve opened under even in the last three as well with -135 odds in 2014, -300 in 2018, and -185 in 2022 for $161.05 in profit.

France has also been a more recent World Cup winner than any other team under +1000 odds other than Argentina after they won in 2018.

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Brazil 2026 World Cup Odds

Brazil has been another powerhouse in the World Cup, however, their 2022 run fell short after being knocked out in the quarterfinals to Croatia after going into the match as a -650 favorite while Croatia was a +675 underdog. Looking at their +600 odds for the 2026 World Cup, it is worth taking note of that the last time they won in 2002, they had +600 pre-tournament odds as well.

Brazil has also done a nice job in turning a profit in World Cup play at $16.39 on $100 bets in their last three World Cup qualifier odds in which all three of them were at -1400 odds or stronger. Their Group Stage odds have cashed in the last four World Cups at -200 odds or stronger for $136.75 in profit on $100 bets.

France Or Brazil To Win 2026 World Cup