California Sports Betting Bill Gets Amended, Discussion Continues Today

  • Changes and disagreements to CA SCA 6 are delaying sports betting approval.
  • California tribal casinos are the party with the most disagreements.

SACRAMENTO, Calif. — With the proposed changes to the California sports betting bill, the wait for sports betting’s approval gets pushed back even further.

Some might argue that the delay is a positive as even then there were still disagreements on it in which it would have died out in committee.

The committee is holding the bill, CA SCA 6, in a suspense file that will re-open on Thursday at the suspense hearing.

On the sports betting side of the bill, the California tribal casinos are uneasy about the mobile and online sports betting features. They are concerned that this will negatively affect their casinos as it would bypass the need for bettors to even go to the casinos to place their bets.

In an effort to ease those concerns, there have been additional proposals to the bill as well that would hold off mobile sports betting in California until 2023.

The California Sports Betting Timeline

In September of 2021, mobile betting will only be available on the property of the brick and mortar sportsbooks in the state.

In September of 2022, there would be mobile betting allowed throughout the state but in-person registration is required

In September of 2023, mobile sports betting will be fully accessible with no in-person requirement.

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Even with these proposed changes, tribal casinos are still in disagreement.

Mark Macarro, the chairman of the Pechanga Band Of Luiseno Indians, had even suggested letting the bill run its course and dying out until legislatures propose something better.

The tribal casinos are doing their part in trying to legalize sports betting in California as they have collected 971,373 signatures in less than two months.

However, if they want the bill to be presented on the ballot in November, there must be an extension on the hearing so that they are able to verify those signatures.

Other changes that were made to the bill include allowing horse racing tracks to offer sports betting and lowering the annual sportsbook license fee from $1 million to $500,000.

More discussion will be presented on the matter to legislators, tribal casinos, and potential sportsbook operators after the bill’s Thursday hearing.