Daily Sports Betting Preview 6/18/2020: La Liga, European Masters LoL, Czech Pro League Table Tennis

  • Real Madrid are -1.5 goal favorites on the oddsboard over Valencia in La Liga today.
  • Schalke 04 have -335 odds to win their match against SK Gaming Prime in the Prime League Pro Division.
  • The Czech table tennis Pro League brings more than ten matches to today’s betting slate.

LAS VEGAS - Today’s edition of the Daily Sports Betting Preview features, as always, three great sports betting opportunities from around the globe.

First, in La Liga, Real Madrid is set to face off with Valencia, in a match sure to impact the top tables of the league.

Then, in the world of League of Legends esports betting, the Preview looks in at the Prime League Pro Division, one of the European Masters competitions.

Finally, the Preview checks in with the Czech Republic’s table tennis Pro League, which serves as a great volume betting opportunity.

Real Madrid vs. Valencia

Real Madrid are second in La Liga right now, five points back of league leaders, and perennial rivals, Barcelona.

They have played one less game than their rivals to date, so today’s match against Valencia represents a chance to come within striking distance of the league lead.

Valencia are no slouches, in 8th place in the league, and are set to give Real Madrid a serious test as they return from the COVID-19 induced pause on league play.

On the moneyline, Real Madrid are significant favorites, with -280 odds to win the match and move closer to Barcelona.

Valencia are more serious underdogs than Real Madrid are favorites, due to the influence of a potential draw.

Valencia has +700 odds to win the match, while a draw has +425 odds of occurring, according to the major online sportsbooks.

The spread for the match is 1.5 goals, and it does an effective job of splitting the money on both sides of the bet.

Real Madrid -1.5 is +105, while Valencia +1.5 is -125. This demonstrates how effective this spread is at getting both sides of the match to nearly even terms.

As far as totals betting goes, the total goals in the match Over/Under line is set at 3, 3.5 goals – higher than any other match in La Liga this week except Barcelona’s.

This is a common pattern - when the top teams in La Liga are involved in matches, the Over/Under lines shift upward, as there are more goals expected from their star players.

The way these odds work is that it splits them into two bets - a bet on the Over/Under line at 3, and a bet on the Over/Under line at 3.5.

This means that if one were to bet on the Over, it would cash at four goals, but three goals would lose half the bet and push half the bet.

Both the Over and the Under in this match have -110 odds.

Prime League Pro Division League of Legends Betting

In the Prime League Pro Division, many good League of Legends teams are set to face off today.

The Prime League Pro Division is one of the European Masters leagues. Basically, below the top tier of competition, the LEC, there are many Masters leagues, across the various countries of Europe.

These leagues provide opportunities for teams that are not involved in the LCS, and make no mistake - these are good teams.

Today’s highlighted match from the Prime League Pro Division is between two names that might be familiar to many esports bettors: FC Schalke 04 Evolution and SK Gaming Prime.

Now, these are not the LEC teams - these are the academy teams for those two titans, but the match is still compelling.

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These are two teams with very different stories - SK Gaming evolved out of the gaming sphere, while Schalke, primarily known as a soccer team, entered it much later.

That said, Schalke has used their situation to their advantage - in the previous split, they were the best team in the Prime League Pro Division by record.

In the current summer split, they are 2-2, while SK Gaming are 0-4. This is only week 2 of the eight weeks of the split, but SK badly need this win.

They don’t seem likely to get it.

At many of the online sportsbooks, SK Gaming Prime are serious underdogs in this match, with odds of +230.

Schalke clock in with -335 odds, which makes sense - they have a pedigree as an elite team, and SK is currently the worst team in the league.

Interestingly enough, these aren’t even the most lopsided odds in today’s matches. That award goes to the matchup between Myinsanity and Ad Hoc Gaming.

In that matchup, Ad Hoc are a colossal -700, while Myinsanity clock in with +400 odds.

No matter which matchup is chosen, there are great League of Legends betting opportunities to be found in the Prime League Pro Division.

Czech Table Tennis Pro League Betting

The last betting segment in today’s Preview focuses on the Czech table tennis Pro League, an old favorite of the Preview.

There was a while when the various table tennis leagues across eastern Europe were the only things reliably running during the COVID-19 pandemic.

This situation has now changed, with many other opportunities opening up, but it’s important not to forget about volume betting opportunities such as the Czech Pro League.

Volume betting is important when it comes to sports betting because, in order to maintain profitability, it is ideal to have as many wagers at once as you reasonably can - this means that you are, effectively, diversified. One big upset doesn’t cost you your entire bankroll.

Today’s Pro League action will have already started by the time this column goes live, but it won’t end until well into the afternoon.

The last match is scheduled for 4:30 p.m. EST and features Josef Silhan taking on Jan Fojtik. Silhan is a notably favorite, with -140 odds.

Fojtik, the underdog, has even odds, at +100.

There are more than ten matches available in the league over the course of the day, which is great for sports bettors.

In addition, unlike some European offerings, this betting opportunity actually lasts well into the day, so everyone can take advantage.

There are a lot of matches, so it could be worth taking a look for yourself at any of the major online sportsbooks!

Happy Betting!