Christian McCaffrey Prop Betting Secrets For NFC Championship

  • Sportsbooks project Christian McCaffrey to 57.5 rushing yards (-115 odds).
  • Every time that McCaffrey has gone over 57.5 rushing yards he has had 13+ carries.
  • McCaffrey has -115 odds to go over 32.5 receiving yards.

PHILADELPHIA - Christian McCaffery might be the most important player on the field as the San Francisco 49ers take on the Philadelphia Eagles.

Total Rushing Yards - Christian McCaffrey

  • Over 57.5 -115
  • Under 57.5 -115

McCaffrey is one of the most dangerous weapons in the NFL, and he’s gone over 57.5 rushing yards nine times this season.

He’s gone under that number 10 times, counting playoff games. He racked up 119 rush yards against the Seattle Seahawks in the Wildcard Round, but only 35 against the Dallas Cowboys in the Divisional Round.

The major thing to keep an eye on when it comes to McCaffrey’s production is his carries. All of his games over 57.5 rushing yards had 13 or more carries.

Meanwhile, only three of his 10 games in which he did not hit 57.5 rushing yards saw him get 13 or more carries.

It seems to be something of a magic number for him – and it’s definitely something to keep an eye at the online sportsbooks on as the game develops.

Total Receiving Yards - Christian McCaffrey

  • Over 32.5 -115
  • Under 32.5 -115

McCaffrey’s dual-threat as a receiver is one of the major advantages the 49ers leverage to get offensive production.

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He’s gone over 32.5 receiving yards in ten of nineteen games this season. Most of his production has come in games where he receives more than six receptions, but four of those games have come in games where he has less than six receptions.

It seems like the magic number for McCaffrey to hit his O/Us for receiving yards in this game is six receptions, and the magic number for rush yards is 13 rushing attempts.

NFL betting fans can put this into practice with live betting during the game.

The San Francisco 49ers and the Philadelphia Eagles face off in the NFC Championship Game. Kickoff is at 3 p.m. EST on Sunday.

McCaffrey Over 57.5 Rushing Yards? Y/N