Clemson Tigers Vs. The Field: An Early CFP Betting Opportunity

  • An undefeated Clemson team has all assumingly locked up their position in the College Football Playoffs.
  • Oddsmakers are giving bettors an opportunity to take betting action on games that could be playoff games.
  • If the matchups do not come true in any of the three games, oddsmakers are set to return bettors’ risks.

TALLAHASSEE, Fla. – Clemson has all but locked up their spot in the College Football Playoffs. While the final four teams are yet to be completely set, it is safe to assume that even with a loss to South Carolina on Saturday, the Tigers will be able to win the ACC Championship against the winner of Saturday’s contest between Virginia and Virginia Tech.

With this, the Tigers would find themselves in the College Football Playoffs for the fifth straight year. While they have yet to officially clinch their spot, oddsmakers aren’t holding back and are offering odds for Clemson against a few of the other projected playoff teams.

Clemson Vs. LSU

In the only game that Clemson is not favored in, the spread for this potential matchup favors the LSU Tigers by one point. This wager stands for any matchup between these two schools – whether that be the semifinals or the championship.

Clemson - LSU

As LSU is sitting comfortably with the number-one position, a victory over LSU may come with some difficulty and US sportsbooks tend to agree. Still, Clemson is undefeated and has proven that they are not scared of the SEC giants.

Clemson Vs. Ohio State

Giving more favoritism to the Tigers here, Clemson is -2.5 against Ohio State. Those who think these teams could meet up in the CFP may be quick to lay their money with the Tigers, but dominant defensive lineman (Chase Young will be returning to action).

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Clemson - OSU

Though Clemson began the season with two potential Heisman candidates, it is actually Ohio State that finds themselves with a potential Heisman winner.  Between the three players atop the leaderboard (Chase Young, Justin Fields, and J.K. Dobbins), Ohio State could cause problems for the Tigers.

Clemson Vs. Georgia

Though Georgia’s positioning is far from guaranteed, oddsmakers will surely count the wager as no action should one of the teams not make it to the stage or if the selected teams do not matchup in one of the three games. In this ACC-SEC potential matchup, the Tigers are favored by 10.5 points!

Clemson - Georgia

The Georgia Bulldogs’ defense has been spectacular all year long, allowing the fewest touchdowns scored against them all year. If Georgia can keep it close, this wager leaves bettors with a serious opportunity to win off of foresight.

Options surrounding more games are also listed with the offshore sportsbooks, so don’t think that only these three games are up for discussion. Be sure to review all of the action and make a wager on the one that seems right.