Connor McGregor and Burnie Odds to Stage a Rematch Fight

  • The Miami Heat mascot, Burnie, and Connor McGregor were in an altercation during the Game 4 halftime show of the NBA Finals.
  • After McGregor sent the mascot to the hospital, Bovada Sportsbook lists odds for different specials involving the two celebrities.
  • The best bet is for the two to rematch in a staged mock fight at the Miami Heat’s arena with +500 odds.

MIAMI – After receiving punches from former UFC champion Connor McGregor at Game 4 of the NBA Finals, Miami Heat mascot Burnie went to the hospital. The incident occurred during a halftime promotional skit that took a scary turn after McGregor connected with a left hook.

Connor McGregor and Burnie betting specials at Bovada Sportsbook list odds for three different potential events following the altercation. The best bet involves a future rematch between McGregor and the Heat’s mascot.

There are +500 odds at entertainment betting sites for Connor McGregor and Burnie to stage a mock fight at the Miami Heat’s arena in 2023. The knockout punch went viral, receiving attention from plenty of sports media outlets considering the stardom of McGregor and the Miami Heat.

The hospital released the man who plays as Burnie with pain medicine, leaving the door open for a potential rematch with the former UFC superstar.

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With the Miami Heat mascot reportedly being fine, its unlikely that he sues Connor McGregor. However, there are +1200 odds for Connor McGregor to stand trial for hitting Burnie.

The Connor McGregor and Burnie special with the longest odds at USA online sportsbooks is for the two to make a joint appearance at a WWE event in 2023.

This bet has value considering how many former athletes and celebrities have appeared in WWE events over the years. If McGregor and Burnie find each other in the ring, WWE betting for that event will be a must.