Daily Sports Betting Preview 12/16/2020: Duke vs. Notre Dame, Inter Milan vs. Napoli, BIG vs. Astralis

  • Duke has -180 odds to defeat Notre Dame in NCAA Men’s Basketball action.
  • Inter Milan is a -170 favorite over Napoli on the no-draw moneyline.
  • BIG, fresh off an upset win over Vitality, has +425 odds to pull off another upset over Astralis.

LAS VEGAS - Welcome to this Wednesday edition of the Daily Sports Betting Preview!

Today’s edition starts out with an examination of the matchup between Duke and Notre Dame in college basketball.

Then, over in Italy, Inter Milan is set to take on Napoli in a matchup that could be quite important to Serie A. Finally, the IEM Global Challenge 2020 pits BIG against Astralis.

There’s a lot to cover, so let’s get started!

College Basketball Betting

Duke is set to face off with Notre Dame in a classic basketball matchup that sees Duke as a notable favorite.

Duke enters this game with a 2-2 record and a ranking of 23rd in the nation, and is still favored over Notre Dame. For their part, Notre Dame is also 2-2, both straight up and against the spread, and is also unranked.

Duke vs. Notre Dame

  • Duke -180
  • Notre Dame +160

The matchup does seem fairly even, especially considering Duke’s status as a perennial basketball power.

The spread makes the matchup a bit more clear.

Duke vs. Notre Dame

  • Duke -4.0 (-105)
  • Notre Dame +4.0 (-115)

The four point spread in favor of Duke even has a bit of shading on it going the other way, noting Notre Dame as a frisky underdog.

Duke has struggled a lot this season, as they have not covered the spread one time so far. That’s a truly worrying sign for the historic powerhouse - good teams win, but great teams cover, and Duke isn’t doing much of either these days.

Still, they are Duke, they do have talent, and they’re looking to make a strong statement with a win here.

A CBB cover might be too much to expect from this team at this point, however.

Serie A Betting

Serie A sees several matches kick off during Wednesday’s timeframe, but one of them clearly stands out as a quality game. This matchup is between Napoli and Inter Milan, who are ranked third and second in the league respectively.

Napoli, third in the league, has a record of eight wins, zero draws and three losses. Inter, at second, has a record of seven wins, three draws and one loss.

The matchup is as close on the odds as it sounds like it would be:

Napoli vs. Inter Milan

  • Inter Milan +125
  • Napoli +225
  • Draw +235

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Napoli vs. Inter Milan Draw No Bet

  • Inter Milan -170
  • Napoli +125

The draw, no bet is a much more accurate representation of where the sportsbooks believe these two teams stand.

Inter Milan are favored by an amount that might overstate their performance this year, but someone has to be favored in this matchup. Inter Milan -0.5 has +125 odds, and Napoli -0.5 has +220 odds on the alternate lines at many online sportsbooks.

These bets are equivalent to taking each team on the three way moneyline, and the three way seems to have equal or better odds in both cases. Similarly, one can simulate the no-draw moneyline by taking each team at +0.0.

Inter +0.0 is set at -165, while Napoli +0.0 is set at +135.

In this case, taking either team on the +0.0 spread is equivalent to taking them on the no-draw moneyline. However, the +0.0 alternate line actually has better odds than the no-draw moneyline.

Soccer bettors should keep in mind that one can line shop even within the sportsbook one is using.

IEM Betting

IEM brings a very solid matchup to the table for fans of CS:GO betting as BIG gets set to take on Astralis.

BIG is riding high right now, having defeated the elite Team Vitality, and that could be impacting the odds for this matchup. Astralis, the second best esports team around (behind Vitality), is now in BIG’s crosshairs.

BIG vs. Astralis

  • BIG +275
  • Astralis -425

The odds are heavily in Astralis’ favor, despite BIG’s win against Vitality, the only team ranked higher than Astralis.

The sportsbooks are simply looking at that matchup as a fluke, it seems, and giving Astralis every chance to win this matchup.

The spread of +/- 1.5 makes the matchup remarkably even, however.

BIG vs. Astralis

  • BIG +1.5 (-115)
  • Astralis -1.5 (-115)

On the +/- 1.5 spread, both teams have -115 odds to win the match. This is effectively a wager on whether or not BIG will win a game. In order for Astralis -1.5 to cash, Astralis will have to win by a score of 2:0. Anything else means BIG +1.5 cashes.

CS:GO betting followers have a choice between a plucky underdog with long odds or going with the chalk and writing off BIG’s win over Vitality as a fluke.

Happy Betting!