Daily Sports Betting Preview 4/20/2020: Horse Racing, Hockey, Tennis

  • The Will Rogers Downs hosts ten separate races today, but only one of them has a horse favored over the field.
  • Stalker Moscow is favored in back to back games in the Russian Comet League, but only barely so.
  • The Russian League Pro tennis exhibition brings a full day of tennis to live tennis bettors across the globe.

TULSA, Okla. - The Daily Sports Betting Preview is back, with a review of today’s best bets - and some excellent opportunities are on the table!

First, the Preview examines the horse race betting odds to be found at the Will Rogers Downs, located in Oklahoma. The track features a ton of races today.

Then, the Preview examines an interesting betting opportunity from Russia - the Comet Division, a short hockey league where the games are only 30 minutes.

Finally, the preview stays in Russia, as the tennis Liga Pro features seven exhibition matches today, each of which is an excellent betting opportunity.

There’s a lot to talk about so let’s get started!

Will Rogers Downs Horse Betting Preview

The Will Rogers Downs is home to ten separate horse races of varying field sizes today, which is a good day for many horse racing bettors across America in these trying times.

Of the ten races today, most of them have notable favorites, but one favorite sticks out above all of the rest.

In race four, which starts at 3:45 p.m. EST, there is a favorite that is not only significant but favored over every other horse in the race combined.

Let’s take a look at the odds for race four: The number before the name of each horse is the number that the horse will be wearing during the race.

Will Rogers Downs Race Four Odds:

  • 3 - Nocturnal Mission -175
  • 5 - Silky Appeal +500
  • 6 - Bella Kristina +650
  • 10 - Moro Compass +1200
  • 4 - Shaker Baker +1600
  • 2 - Veiled In Gold +2000
  • 1 - Lucia Gal +2500
  • 7 - Oneofsmarty'sgirls +2500
  • 8 - Silver Sailor +2500
  • 9 - Sin City +3300

As is readily apparent, these odds heavily favor Nocturnal Mission, who, in a field of ten horses, is favored to win the race by -175 odds.

No other horse is even close, with Silky Appeal clocking in with +500, and Bella Kristina occupying the third spot with +650 odds. There are also some horses with pretty long odds in this one which makes some sense given how favored the top end of this race is.

Lucia Gal, Oneofsmarty’sgirls, and Silver Sailor are all trailing heavily with +2500 odds, while the final position is given to Sin City, who clocks in with +3300 odds.

This is one of the most interesting horse betting opportunities that the Will Rogers Downs provides to horse racing bettors today, but there are nine other races on the docket, so bettors would be wise to do their own research as well.

Russian Comet Division Hockey Betting

The Comet Division is a Russian hockey league with a twist - the games only take 30 minutes, with each of the three periods played lasting a total of ten minutes.

This style of hockey is colloquially known as ‘short hockey,' and is a useful way for new hockey bettors to get into the game.

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Short hockey carries a couple of benefits for bettors. First, the shorter timeframe means that less of a bettor’s day is devoted to watching the match.

This is especially relevant for live bettors, who must keep on top of all of the matches they have money on, in case a good opportunity to hedge or middle shows up.

One major downside is that the teams competing in short hockey divisions tend not to be well known - this is a good place for new hockey bettors to jump in, but only if they do research first.

Today’s Comet Division action features ten separate matches in something of a round-robin format. Many of the teams play multiple games and some play games in direct succession.

As an example, consider the team named Stalker Moscow. At 11:55 a.m. EST, they face off against Krasnye Kryliya.

In this match, Stalker are -135 favorites. Although, when the puck line of 1.5 goals is applied, they find themselves +125 underdogs. Immediately after this match, they face off against Ledoviy Desant which starts only an hour after the previous one.

In this match, Stalker is a -145 favorite to Ledoviy’s +105 odds on the moneyline. On the puck line, Stalker (-1.5) is +130, while Ledoviy (+1.5) is -190.

Both of these matches have Over/Under lines of 13.5 goals - short hockey is a goal heavy variant of the sport.

Russian League Pro Tennis

The final sport on the docket today also comes from Russia, as many other places around the world have shuttered their professional sports leagues due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

This time, it’s tennis, and the Russian exhibition League Pro brings seven tennis matches to the betting slate today.

This looks to be an all-day affair - the first match starts at 10:00 a.m. EST, while the final match for the day starts at 6:00 p.m. EST.

On an individual level, the matches that will be played today are all interesting, but when taken as a whole, they become a holistic betting opportunity for tennis buffs who have missed the thrill of betting on tennis.

A huge part of betting on tennis is live betting. The odds can change so drastically based on the momentum of the match and how things look for each of the players involved.

The schedule for this event means that tennis bettors can dive in, starting in the morning, and going all day, in a way they have mostly been unable to do in the weeks since the COVID-19 pandemic started shutting the doors of most major leagues.

This is a welcome opportunity - a chance to really immerse oneself in the tennis betting world again, even if only for a day.