NFL Draft Night Prop Bets, Which College Reigns Supreme?

  • With the NFL Draft incoming, there are prop bets surrounding rival colleges and which school will have more first round picks.
  • LSU has -140 odds to have either equal to or more first-round picks than Alabama.
  • Clemson is the runaway favorite to have equal to or more first-round picks than Ohio State.

LAS VEGAS - Current NFL Draft odds have brought forth a slew of prop bets surrounding the big night. An interesting type of betting line pins college rivals against one another to see which school will produce the most first-round picks.

These lines pin the LSU Tigers against the Alabama Crimson Tide, the Clemson Tigers on the Ohio State Buckeyes, and the Auburn Tigers against the Georgia Bulldogs to see which school produced the most NFL talent this season.

LSU, Clemson, and Auburn all have the shortest odds, despite history being on the side of their opponents.

First Round Picks

Odds for LSU vs. Alabama sees sports bettors at online sportsbooks leaning towards the Tigers to win. LSU has the shortest odds to have either the same amount or more first-round picks as Alabama.

More 1st Round Picks:

  • LSU +1/2 Players Drafted -140
  • Alabama -1/2 Players Drafted +100

Alabama has the second most first-round picks at 31 since 2000 as opposed to LSU’s 19. Despite that, sports bettors are siding with the Tigers on draft night.

Although Ohio State has the most first-round draft picks in history at 31, sports bettors are still leaning heavily towards Clemson having either the same or more first-round picks than the Buckeyes.

More 1st Round Picks:

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  • Clemson +1/2 Players Drafted -350
  • Ohio State -1/2 Players Drafted +225

Both schools are expected to produce top ten picks in the draft. Ohio State’s Chase Young is projected to go number two overall on many mock drafts while Clemson’s Isaiah Simmons could potentially be picked at number eight according to NFL Insider Perter King. It’s after that where things get a bit muddy.

The only other player from Ohio State that’s a lock for a first round pick is cornerback Jeff Okudah. Clemson meanwhile might see wide receiver Tee Higgins and cornerback A.J. Terrell possibly sneak into the late first round. This may explain why bettors are hammering Clemson’s odds here.

Finally, Auburn has the shortest odds against Georgia to have the most first-round picks. Georgia has 19 first-round draft picks since 2000, making them eighth. Auburn has only had 10 first-round picks in the same amount of time.

More 1st Round Picks:

  • Auburn +1/2 Players Drafted -150
  • Georgia -1/2 Players Drafted +110

Sports bettors will find no shortage of props available for the NFL Draft. There are even odds to see who the last pick of the draft will be.

The NFL Draft begins Thursday, April 23. NFL bettors will soon see how the lines play out.