Daily Sports Betting Preview 4/27/2020: Sim Talladega, GT Pro Racing, PDC Darts

  • Malik Ray is +700 to take down the simulated Talladega 500, and boasts the best odds to do so.
  • Erhan Jajovski has +135 odds to win the GT Pro Sebring Sprint Race, a separate digital race today.
  • The PDC darts tour has moved to playing from home, and the Home Tour brings six matches to the betting slate today.

LAS VEGAS - Today’s edition of the Daily Sports Betting Preview is a true quarantine edition - all of the sporting events on the docket today are either digital or take place from home.

First, the Preview discusses some digital auto racing, in two forms. It starts with NASCAR’s simulated racing, as the simulated cars are set to take on the digital version of Talladega Superspeedway.

Next, the Preview examines the odds for another digital racing event today: the GT Pro Sebring Sprint Race.

Finally, the preview checks in with the PDC, as they take their tour...home. The PDC Home Tour is an interesting experiment in the darts world, and well worth looking into.

There’s a lot to cover, so let’s get started.

NASCAR RealSim Talladega Betting

One of the biggest events in racing is here - but only digitally. The Talladega 500 is one of the largest and most important events on the racing calendar in the United States, and RealSimRacing will be putting it on - in a way.

RealSimRacing is an iRacing league, a digital racing league wherein competitors are not professional NASCAR drivers, but are instead professional digital drivers.

Talladega 500 Winner:

  • Malik Ray +700
  • Michael Laraia +700
  • Daniel Eberhardt +800
  • Jared Mogard +800
  • Andrew Faryniarz +900
  • Joseph Theis +1000
  • Rett McBride +1000
  • Chris Parkman +1200
  • Grant Davis +1400
  • Bradley Burk +1600
  • David Washington +1600
  • Gary Sexton +1600

Malik Ray clocks in with the shortest odds to win the Talladega 500, tied with Michael Laraia. The two at the top are closely followed by Daniel Eberhardt and Jared Mogard.

After them, Andrew Faryniarz occupies the fifth slot, and is followed by Joseph Theis and Rett McBride at +1000.

Chris Parkman clocks in with +1200 odds, Grant Davis has +1400, and the trio of Bradley Burk, David Washington and Gary Sexton all have +1600 odds.

Overall, there’s a lot to keep in mind when it comes to virtual NASCAR betting opportunities, but they are plentiful, and they are available - just make sure to do research before betting.

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GT Pro Sebring Sprint Race Betting

In yet another racing esports event today, the GT PRo Sebring Sprint race takes place, and there are ample betting opportunities here as well.

The majority of the betting on a race like this comes in the form of betting on individual racers to win the whole thing, so the best thing to do is check out the odds.

GT Pro Sebring Sprint Race Winner

  • Erhan Jajovski +135
  • Kevin Siggy +300
  • Nikodem Wisniewski +300
  • Joni Tormala +550
  • Rudy Van Buren +900
  • Manuel Biancolilla +1200
  • Jernej Simoncic +1400
  • Joonas Raivio +1600
  • Max Verstappen +2000
  • Petar Brljak +2000

This race has a man in it who is nearly favored vs the entire field, but just misses that benchmark - Erhan Jajovski, who has +135 odds in a significantly large field.

This is a genuine accomplishment, and demonstrates that he is one of the top drivers. Alongside him at the top of the odds board are Kevin Siggy and Nikodem Wisniewski, both of whom have +300 odds.

They are followed by Joni Tormala at +500, and, along with Tormala, represent what could reasonably be called the top tier in this race.

After that, Rudy Van Buren clocks in with +900, Manuel Biancolilla has +1200, Jemej Simoncich has +1400, Joonas Raivio has +1600, and Max Verstappen and Peter Brljak have +2000 odds to win today.

Similar to the digital NASCAR event, this is a race that takes place online, but the players are real competitors. This is a relatively new event, so opportunity levels are high, as both sportsbooks and bettors figure out how to bet on things like this.

PDC Darts Home Tour

The PDC was a common topic of discussion in this column before the COVID-19 pandemic knocked it out of commission for a bit, but it is back, in a new form.

Instead of touring various venues, the tour now takes place from the players’ homes, and is known as the PDC Home Tour.

Players compete over live video, from their homes, instead of in the same room as each other, in order to maintain social distancing guidelines.

There are six matches in the Home Tour today, but perhaps the most interesting is the match between Simon Whitlock and Kirk Shepherd.

Whitlock is a -305 favorite in the match, while Shepherd enters with +225 odds.

The spread on all of these matches is 1.5, similar to a puck line in hockey. Whitlock -1.5 is still favored, at -140 odds, while Shepherd +1.5 is +105.

The Over/Under line for this match is set at 7.5, but there is shading towards the Over, as it has -125 odds compared to the Under’s -110 odds.

Overall, the PDC Home Tour is a relatively elegant solution to the problems caused by the COVID-19 pandemic, and a good betting opportunity for those who are familiar with darts betting across the world.