Daily Sports Betting Preview 5/8/2020: Baseball, Hockey and Tennis Betting

  • Two of the best teams in Nicaraguan baseball face-off, with Esteli favored at -175 odds over Boer.
  • In the Russian Comet League, bettors are presented with a unique challenge in the form of short hockey.
  • Tennis exhibition matches continue apace, and in one of today’s best, Felix Corwin (-346) is a heavy favorite over Tyler Mercier (+276).

ESTELI, Nicaragua - Today’s edition of the Daily Sports Betting Preview is a worldwide tour that takes readers from Nicaragua to Russia and covers sports from tennis to hockey.

The Preview starts out covering some of the excellent games in the Nicaraguan baseball league, which is up and running.

After that, the Preview takes a look at the Russian Comet League, which is a short hockey competition.

Finally, the Preview examines some tennis exhibition matches that are sure to provide excellent betting opportunities.

Overall, today is a great day for betting, so let’s get started.

Nicaraguan Baseball Betting

The Nicaraguan baseball league is up and running, and if any of this column’s readers have been following Nicaraguan sports, some of the team names might be familiar.

Many of the teams in the Nicaraguan baseball league are from cities that also host teams in their soccer league, or other sports leagues that have been covered in this column before.

Today’s most interesting game comes in the form of the matchup between Esteli and Boer, which starts at 8:00 p.m. EST.

Esteli is the number one team in the league right now, with a record of 7-2, while Boer clocks in with a record of 6-3, and the third spot in the league.

One trend possibly worth noting is that Esteli has picked up both of their losses in their last three games - a notable slide.

Boer enters the game as an underdog, with +150 odds, while Esteli, the favorite, boasts -175 odds to win the game outright. The spread for the game is set at a reasonable 1.5 runs, and does its job of flipping the odds successfully.

On the spread, Boer +1.5 is -115, while Esteli -1.5 is -105.

The Over/Under line for the game is set at 10.5 runs total and has relatively even odds on both sides of it, with both the Over and the Under having -110 odds.

Overall, this should be the best game of the night, both in terms of the quality of play and in terms of the quality of bets available.

Russian Comet League Hockey Betting

The Comet League is a short hockey league, where the main difference in play is that the periods of play only take ten minutes, instead of fifteen.

This has advantages and disadvantages as far as betting is concerned. On the one hand, shorter periods of play means the experience of betting on them is more streamlined.

On the other hand, shorter periods of play mean that live bettors must react quicker to trends they see in the game - there is less time to capitalize on a good decision.

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Let’s take a look at a game from tonight’s slate, and break it down.

Today’s featured game pits Gladiator against Voini Syomi. Gladiator enters the game as underdogs, with +145 odds, while Voini Syomi are favored with -110 odds. A draw between the two teams has +500 odds.

The puck line, as always, is set at 1.5 goals. In this case, the puck line works in the favor of Gladiator, the underdog.

Gladiator +1.5 is -160, while Voini Syomi -1.5 is +130.

The Over/Under line for the match is set at 9.5 goals, which is on the low end for a match in the Comet League - it’s the second-lowest Over/Under for any of today’s Comet League matches.

The Over has -115 odds, while the Under has -105 odds.

Tennis Exhibition Matches Betting

While the major tennis tours have not yet resumed amid the COVID-19 pandemic, several exhibition match groupings have occurred since the pandemic began.

These exhibition matches have provided the best way for tennis bettors to bet on the sport that they love so much.

Today’s betting slate is no exception, as there are multiple exhibition matches in what is known as the Exhibition Series that bettors can find bets on at the major online sportsbooks.

Let’s look at one of the matches for today.

This match is between Felix Corwin and Tyler Mercier, and features some interesting lines.

On the moneyline, Mercier has +276 odds while Corwin has -346. These odds come from BetOnline’s sportsbook, which tends to move the odds in minuscule amounts, so instead of offering +275 and -345, they shade the odds slightly to account for incoming bets.

The spread is 3.5 in favor of Corwin, so Corwin (-3.5) has +103 odds, and Mercier (+3.5) has -123 odds.

The Over/Under for the match is set at 12.5 and the odds slightly favor the Over at -114, while the Under has -106 odds.

Overall, this is a great day for betting - across the globe!