Daily Sports Betting Preview 6/15/2020: NFL Sims, Primeira Liga, CS:GO

  • The simulated San Francisco 49ers are favored by a field goal over the simulated Minnesota Vikings.
  • Maritimo are favored against Gil Vicente with +145 odds - yes, favored with +145 odds.
  • G2 and Vitality face off in an incredibly evenly handicapped match in the CS:GO Blast Premier Spring competition.

LAS VEGAS - Today’s edition of the Daily Sports Betting Preview is replete with relatively normal sports betting opportunities - as far as quarantine sports betting goes.

First, in the world of NFL Sims, there are several excellent games on the table today including the Dallas Cowboys versus the Baltimore Ravens.

Then, the Portuguese Primeira Liga is back, one of the first major soccer leagues to return, and action in the League continues today.

Finally, the Preview checks in with the Counter-Strike: Global Offensive scene to find the best esports betting odds for today.

There’s a lot to cover, so let’s get started.

NFL Sim Betting

NFL Sims are a great way for NFL bettors to get into simulated virtual sports betting, and for virtual sports bettors to bet on a facsimile of the sport with the largest following.

Today’s NFL sim offerings are great, and there are a lot of great games to choose from, but the highlighted game stands out above the rest.

Today’s highlighted game is between the Minnesota Vikings and the San Francisco 49ers and looks to be a seriously enjoyable contest.

The rosters are updated as of the end of the 2019-2020 season, and that means that sports bettors are looking at two of the best teams in the league.

These teams were both elite NFC teams last year, and on paper, this game seems like it should be close.

The major online sportsbooks agree - the eventual Super Bowl losers, the San Francisco 49ers, are only three-point favorites on the spread.

On the moneyline, San Francisco is -150 while Minnesota clocks in with +150 odds to pull off the upset.

The Over/Under line for the game is set at 57.0 points, which is high even for a simulation game.

In fact, of the four simulated games that are taking place today, it is tied for the highest Over/Under line for point totals.

This looks like a great game - high scoring, but with a close competitive aspect to it - and should be a great NFL simulation betting opportunity as well.

Primeira Liga Betting

The Portuguese Primeira Liga is back, and the level of play is already high, as the league appears to have not missed a beat due to quarantine.

Today’s Primeira Liga match is between Maritimo and Gil Vicente, and the odds on the match are fairly interesting.

Maritimo are favored on the moneyline, with +145 odds, but the next most likely outcome appears to be a draw, with +190 odds.

A Gil Vicente victory appears to be the least likely possible outcome, as that has +215 odds of occurring.

This is a pattern that occurs fairly often in soccer betting - neither team is dramatically better than the other, and the match is expected to be low scoring.

This introduces a significant element of uncertainty into the betting odds, and uncertainty is good for sports bettors.

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The fact that both teams in this match, as well as a draw, all have positive odds is a genuinely interesting occurrence.

With regards to the low scoring - the Over/Under line for this match is set at two goals, which is remarkably low for a soccer match.

Gil Vicente, the 11th ranked team in the league, have scored 26 goals in their 26 league matches played, and given up 33.

Maritimo, the 15th ranked team in the league, have scored 23 goals and given up 34 in the same time span.

This lends credence to the odds placed on the match - neither team is known for scoring goals, both teams are more known for giving them up, if anything.

However, they aren’t even inept enough on defense to make a higher scoring game likely - they’re just bad enough to be lower-mid table teams.

Either way, this game provides an excellent soccer betting opportunity to fans of the Primeira Liga.

CS:GO Betting Odds

The last segment of the Daily Sports Betting Preview will be dedicated to the Counter-Strike professional scene.

The scene is split up into various regional leagues, and today, the Preview focuses on the CS:GO Blast Premier Spring.

Over the next few days there will be several matches in this competition, but today’s best match is easily worth highlighting.

This match is between G2 and Team Vitality and looks to be a very close match with a lot of possible outcomes.

On the moneyline, G2 are the mildest of favorites, with -125 odds, while Vitality clock in with -110 odds.

This is a razor-thin margin for G2 - one of the smallest possible betting odds margins.

On the spread, as always, the match is handicapped by providing the underdog with +1.5 maps (sets) in the match and the favorite with -1.5 sets in the match.

A bet on G2 -1.5 is a bet on G2 to win 2-0, while a bet on Vitality +1.5 is a bet on Vitality to win or lose 1-2.

G2 -1.5 has +235 odds, while Vitality +1.5 has -335 odds, which makes sense given how evenly matched the teams seem to be.

The Over/Under odds are also split. In CS:GO totals betting, the total in question is the number of sets in the match - two or three.

The line is almost always set at 2.5 in a best of three competition, and that is what it is set at today.

Over 2.5 has -115 odds, while Under 2.5 slightly edges it out with -120 odds. Even the Over/Under odds on this match are close!

Overall, this is a great betting opportunity on a close match and goes well with the other betting opportunities highlighted in this column.