Daily Sports Betting Preview 6/17/2020: AEW Dynamite, Premier League Props, CDL

  • Kenny Omega and Hangman Page have -260 odds in their matchup against Natural Nightmares on AEW Dynamite.
  • There are +240 odds on if a penalty kick will be awarded during Aston Villa vs. Sheffield United.
  • The New York Subliners are -160 favorites over OpTic LA in the CDL today.

LAS VEGAS - Today’s edition of the Daily Sports Betting Preview covers three separate betting opportunities, from real-life sports to esports.

First, in All Elite Wrestling, there are two matches that have odds on tonight’s AEW Dynamite, and the Preview breaks them down.

Then, in the world of soccer betting, the Preview takes a look at some Premier League prop betting action.

Finally, the Preview wraps up with an examination of betting on the Call of Duty League.

There’s a lot to cover, so let’s get started!

AEW Betting Odds

AEW Dynamite is the premiere show of All Elite Wrestling, the flagship of the brand, and the main weekly venue for performances.

The nature of wrestling means that some matches will not be known before the show airs, but some will.

In this case, two entertainment matches are known, and they both have odds on them. These odds are definitely worth examining from a wrestling betting perspective.

In the first match, the AEW Tag Team Champions, Kenny Omega and Hangman Page, face off against Natural Nightmares.

Omega and Page are -260 favorites in the matchup, while Natural Nightmares clock in with +175 underdog’s odds.

This is a surprisingly close matchup, given that titles rarely change hands-on weekly television, but AEW might be different than WWE.

The next match that has odds on it is also a tag team match, between Le Sex Gods and Best Friends.

Before anyone asks - Le Sex Gods is the team of Chris Jericho and Sammy Guevara. The gist is that Jericho is an over the hill rockstar, and Guevara is a young up and comer, and neither of them are likable.

Best Friends are the proverbial good guys in this scenario, and they might be able to pull off the victory too - they are -160 favorites tonight.

Le Sex Gods are +120 underdogs, which is a compelling place to put their odds.

Regardless, wrestling bettors should enjoy this edition of AEW Dynamite!

Premier League Prop Betting

The return of the English Premier League means the return of betting on it as well, which in turn means that prop betting columns are back on the table.

There are a couple of matches happening in the Premier League today. First, Aston Villa take on Sheffield United, then Manchester City face off against Arsenal.

The Preview will take a look at a couple of props for each of the matches.

In the Villa/United match, there are interesting soccer odds on whether or not a red card will be given in the match.

Red Card Given In Aston Villa vs. Sheffield United

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  • Yes +450
  • No -700

These odds suggest that a red card will not be given in the match, but offer a big opportunity for profit if one is.

A similar prop bet is offered in the form of whether or not there will be a penalty kick in the match.

Aston Villa vs Sheffield United - Penalty Kick Awarded

  • Yes +240
  • No -300

The odds, in this case, suggest that there will not be a penalty kick awarded in the match, but that it is slightly more likely than a red card.

For the Manchester City vs. Arsenal match, the Preview will take a look at some player/team performance parlay props.

For example, there are -250 odds available on Gabriel Jesus to have more than three shots in the match, and Manchester City to win

Similarly, there are -181 odds available on star striker Sergio Aguero to have one or more goals in the match and City to win.

Speaking of Aguero based parlays, there are odds of +106 on him to have 2 or more shots on goal along with four or more shots total.

Overall, there are a ton of available prop betting opportunities on both of these matches, and edges can be found anywhere on the major online sportsbooks.

Call of Duty League Betting

The Call of Duty League is the premier Call of Duty esports competition around, and it is run by the publisher of the game, Activision.

The League is based on the Overwatch League, or at least seems to follow the same structure, with franchised teams facing off in a tournament-style of gameplay.

Today in the CDL, there are four matches, but the highlighted match stands out above the rest of them.

This is the match between the New York Subliners and OpTic Gaming LA, and it looks to be a great one.

The Subliners are -160 favorites on the moneyline, while OpTic are +120 underdogs, indicating a close match.

Spread betting on the CDL is based on the best of five format, and the spread is usually, although not always, set at +/- 1.5.

This spread carries different implications in best of five esports betting compared to a best of three, where it is traditionally deployed, so keep that in mind.

On the spread, New York -1.5 has +135 odds, while OpTic +1.5 has -185 odds.

The Over/Under line for the match is set at 4.5 - effectively a bet on whether or not the match will take all five sets.

The Over has +150 odds, and the Under has -200, indicating that the major online sportsbooks do not expect this match to go the distance.

Have a wonderful day of betting!