Daily Sports Betting Preview 6/24/2020: Premier League, CS:GO Summit, Czech Table Tennis

  • Everton are -0.5 goal favorites against Norwich City in Premier League action today.
  • Team Vitality have -1000 odds to win their match against FATE Esports in the group stage of the Summit 6 Online: Europe event.
  • The Czech table tennis Pro League adds a lot of compelling action to any betting slate today.

LAS VEGAS - Today’s edition of the Daily Sports Betting Preview starts with an examination of a game from the Premier League in England between Norwich City and Everton.

Then, in the CS Summit EU, Team Vitality faces off against FATE Esports, as this Counter-Strike competition rolls on.

Finally, the Preview takes a look at table tennis in the form of the Czech table tennis Pro League, which features more than ten matches today.

Overall, it looks like a great day for betting, so let’s get started!

Premier League: Everton vs. Norwich

Everton have had a rough season so far. Their main rivals, Liverpool, have become the most dominant team in the league, and one of the most dominant teams in history.

Meanwhile, Everton themselves are languishing in 12th place in the league, with a record of 10 wins, 8 draws and 12 losses.

It could be worse for Everton, however: they could be Norwich City.

Norwich is, bar none, the worst team in the Premier League. They are 20th place out of the 20 teams in the league, and firmly in the relegation zone.

Right now, they have a record of 5 wins, 6 draws and 19 losses.

In order for Norwich to get out of the relegation zone, they will need to win at least two matches more than teams like West Ham, Watford and Brighton, who currently skirt the edges of relegation.

In other words: this game matters to Norwich, because every game does at this point. However, soccer bettors should be aware that this urgency hasn’t yielded results for Norwich on the pitch.

The odds for this match do favor Everton, as they should, although not by a huge amount. Everton are -110 on the moneyline.

Norwich, for their part, are +315 on the moneyline, and a draw is actually more likely than a Norwich victory, with +250 odds.

The spread for the match favors Everton by half a goal, although there is some shading on that spread.

Everton -0.5 is -115, while Norwich +0.5 is -105, reflecting that the spread is fairly close to getting even money, but not perfect.

Overall, this is a compelling game, with a lot of narrative importance to the season, especially for Norwich.

Will the close odds portend a close game? Or will Norwich be further sealed into the relegation zone?

CS Summit EU: Vitality vs. FATE

In the world of Counter-Strike esports betting, this week’s Counter-Strike event, CS Summit 6 Online: Europe, is one of the most important.

This tournament is what is known in the CS scene as a Major, one of the biggest tournaments of the year.

The tournament will be taking place over the next several days, running from June 22 through July 5.

The group stage will be running from June 24 through June 28, and it is group stage action that brings today’s featured matchup to the stage.

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Team Vitality, currently third in the European Regional Major Rankings, is set to face off against FATE Esports, who qualified for this tournament via a closed qualifier.

It is unsurprising to see Vitality favored in this matchup - they are an extremely well known and successful team.

On the moneyline, Vitality has -1000 odds, while FATE clock in with +550 odds.

The spread, as in most CS:GO betting, effectively serves as an alternate line, where the bet is on whether or not the underdog will take a map or not.

Vitality -1.5, a bet that only cashes if Vitality win 2-0, has -205 odds.

FATE +1.5, a bet that encompasses every other outcome, has +150 odds.

These are very unfortunate odds for FATE, but not entirely unsurprising given the context of who these teams are and how they qualified for this tournament.

Overall, the match should be compelling for many esports bettors, at the very least. Even if it doesn’t end up close, the spread should make things interesting.

Table Tennis: Czech Pro League

Every so often, the Preview likes to focus on some of the more volume-based betting opportunities around the globe.

Table tennis often provides these opportunities, as it is a sport that tends to operate in round-robin structures, does not require a lot of time per match, and is often organized to fit as much play per day in as possible.

Today’s Table Tennis odds are no exception, as the Preview takes a look at the Czech Pro League.

The Pro League will be running until the late afternoon today, as the last match starts at 4:30 p.m. EST.

Worth highlighting are a couple of matches, involving common opponents.

In one match, Martin Jahoda is a -245 favorite over Marek Fabini, who has +175 odds.

Right before that, however, Fabini splits the odds with -115 odds against Zdenek Bilek, who also has -115 odds at online betting sites.

Interestingly, when Jahoda faces off against Bilek, he is favored, but not by nearly as much as he is against Fabini.

Against Bilek, Jahoda has -135 odds to Bilek’s +100 odds, which is a far cry from how favored he was over Fabini.

This could demonstrate the folly of looking at common opponents in order to determine the better player, but it could also demonstrate something interesting happening with the odds.

Regardless, those are just three of the many matches that betting on the Pro League adds to a betting slate.

Happy Betting!