Daily Sports Betting Preview 7/3/2020: Icons Of Darts, CS Summit EU 6, Atletico vs. Mallorca

  • Martin Adams has -135 favorite odds in his Icons of Darts matchup against Boris Koltsov.
  • Vitality (+105 odds) are underdogs against BIG in the Winner’s Finals of the CS Summit 6 EU tournament.
  • Atletico Madrid are 1.5-goal favorites over Mallorca in La Liga action.

LAS VEGAS - Welcome to this July 3 edition of the Daily Sports Betting Preview!

Today’s Preview will cover several excellent sports betting opportunities and starts out with the Icons of Darts event, which provides a great volume betting play today.

After that, the Preview takes a look at the Counter-Strike Summit 6 EU event, which brings some esports betting to the table.

Finally, today’s Preview closes out with a discussion of the La Liga matchup between Atletico Madrid and Mallorca.

There’s a lot to cover, so let’s get started!

Icons Of Darts Betting

The Icons of Darts competition is a great way for darts fans and general interest bettors alike to get involved in darts betting.

There are a ton of interesting betting opportunities on the event, as there are a large number of games to bet on.

Let’s take a look at one of the many compelling matchups:

Martin Adams vs. Boris Koltsov

  • Martin Adams -1.5 +130
  • Boris Koltsov +1.5 -180

In this matchup, Martin Adams faces off against Boris Koltsov, in one of the earlier matches in the day, starting at 9:05 a.m. EST.

Adams has received a -1.5 handicap from the online sportsbooks, but it doesn’t look to be a perfect handicap.

Adams -1.5 is +130, while Koltsov +1.5 is -180. This reflects that the two competitors are likely closer together in skill than the outright handicap would reflect.

This is borne out when one examines the moneyline odds for the match.

Martin Adams vs Boris Koltsov Moneyline

  • Martin Adams -135
  • Boris Koltsov +100

On the moneyline, the odds are actually a bit closer than on the spread, which is functionally serving as an alternate line, similar to the puck line in hockey.

Adams is -135 on the moneyline, while Koltsov presents even odds to darts bettors, at +100 odds.

There are a ton of matches to bet on, and bettors can wager using both moneylines and spreads, in addition to totals bets and alternate lines.

This means that this tournament provides an astounding number of possible bets for those who want to take advantage of this opportunity.

CS Summit 6 EU Betting

In the world of Esports, few tournaments are bigger than CS Summit 6 EU. This tournament pits the best of the Counter-Strike world against each other.

Today’s match in the EU section of the event pits Team Vitality against BIG, in a battle to see who will come out of the Upper Bracket and into the Grand Finals.

The loser will get bumped to the Lower Bracket, and have to win the Loser’s Finals in order to get a rematch.

Both of these teams have accomplished a lot already to reach Winner’s Finals, but there’s no time to rest on their laurels.

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VIT vs. BIG Moneyline

  • Vitality +105
  • BIG -140

On the moneyline, BIG are favored by just a little bit, with -140 odds compared to Vitality’s +105 odds.

VIT vs. BIG Spread

  • Vitality +1.5 -300
  • BIG -1.5 +210

As many esports betting enthusiasts are aware, Counter-Strike matches are played in a best of three format.

The spread, in this case, refers to the maps won within the best of three. For example, if BIG wins the match 2-0, they cover their -1.5 spread.

What this means is that the spread in this match is effectively a bet on whether or not BIG will win 2-0, or anything else will happen.

Vitality +1.5 covers Vitality winning the match by any score, as well as losing it 1-2. BIG -1.5 only cashes if they win 2-0.

This is one of the biggest Counter-Strike matches of the year, so many people will be tuning in to watch it at 12:00 p.m.

Atletico Madrid vs. Mallorca Betting

Many soccer bettors will be looking towards La Liga for action, as there is no Premier League action to be found.

Luckily, La Liga steps up with a matchup between Atletico Madrid and Mallorca, which should be a compelling one as far as betting goes.

Atletico vs. Mallorca Moneyline

  • Atletico Madrid -385
  • Mallorca +1100
  • Draw +450

Atletico are heavy favorites here, which should come as no surprise. They are one of the top teams in La Liga, while Mallorca languish in 18th place.

That said, if the moneyline isn’t compelling enough, the spread should be an interesting soccer betting opportunity.

Atletico vs. Mallorca Spread

  • Atletico Madrid -1.5 +105
  • Mallorca +1.5 -125

The spread seems to do a fairly good job splitting the money on either side, with both sides of this handicapped bet having close to even odds.

Mallorca +1.5 has -125 odds, while Atletico -1.5 will get +105 odds.

The Over/Under line for the match is set at 2.5 goals, which is relatively low considering how far apart the spread is.

This is a testament to the defensive prowess of Atletico Madrid, who, under head coach Diego Simeone, have been known for monstrous defense.

This year, Atletico have only allowed 25 goals through 33 matches, second only to Real Madrid, who have allowed 21 through 32 matches.

This looks to be a compelling contest from a betting perspective, and best of luck to all those who bet on it!

Happy Betting!