Cumberbatch To Play Prince Charles? Odds Are In His Favor

  • A new movie entitled “Spencer” is looking for their Prince Charles character and actor Benedict
  • Cumberbatch (-160 odds) is the heavy favorite to take on the role.
  • Actress Kristen Stewart has already been cast in the title role of Princess Diana.

NEW YORK – A new film, “Spencer” centered around the late Princess Diana is in the works and according to sportsbooks, Benedict Cumberbatch is the favorite to play the role of her husband Prince Charles.

Filmmaker Pablo Larraín is behind the newest in a string of movies made about the royal icon’s life. “Spencer” will tell the story of Diana in her final days married to Prince Charles before opting to leave that life behind and become the “Diana Spencer” she was before her life as a Princess.

Who Will Be Cast As Prince Charles?

The role of Princess Diana has already been cast with actress Kristen Stewart taking on the title character.

But that’s as far as casting has gotten thus far leaving the Prince Charles role wide open. It’s anyone’s guess as to who will play him and sports betting platforms like Bovada has opened the question up in the form of a wager for members to gamble on.

Oscar-nominated actor Benedict Cumberbatch leads the pack with odds of -160.

In other words, he is heavily favored to play Charles.

Not even a close second but a second in line to the throne of the role nonetheless is Tom Hiddleston with odds of (+350).

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Other choices are also listed for bettors with the longshot of Robert Pattinson (+2500) being added for good measure as a nod to the days of Bella and Edward of the Twilight movie series where Stewart and Pattinson starred alongside one another as the leading couple.

Betting On “Spencer”

To put your money on “Spencer” and their casting agent’s pick for Prince Charles, simply go to the entertainment category of any sportsbooks to find the wager.

Although Cumberbatch looks to be hard to beat amongst his other contenders, anything is possible. Never underestimate an underdog, at least not before doing some research.

Sometimes even when the role is offered to an actor, conflicting schedules lead them to have to decline.

If this were the case and Hiddleston was the true second choice for the film that would result in a sweet betting payout for anyone that bets on him to play Prince Charles. This may actually be a possibility to take into account as Cumberbatch has plenty of films lined up that he has already committed to and “Spencer” is not one of them.