DeVonta Smith Prop Betting: Yards Ranges for Super Bowl 57

  • Devonta Smith has +150 odds to go under 50 yards in the Super Bowl.
  • He has done so in eight of his 19 games played this season.
  • This is by far his most common outcome among the options provided by online sportsbooks.

PHILADELPHIA - DeVonta Smith might be in line for an excellent performance against the Kansas City Chiefs in the Super Bowl.

Smith is the WR2 on the Philadelphia Eagles, but he racked up almost 1200 yards in the air during the regular season.

The online sportsbooks think that Smith has it in him to perform well, but that his most likely outcome is less than 50 yards.

Devonta Smith Receiving Yards Range Odds

  • 50 Or Less +150
  • 51-75 +225
  • 76-100 +300
  • 101-125 +650
  • 126 Or More +1200

One way to analyze this prop is to compare the range that the sportsbooks offer to the range at which Smith has reached these numbers.

Devonta Smith Receiving Yards Range Data

  • 50 Or Less – 8 of 19 games
  • 51-75 – 3 of 19 games
  • 76-100 – 3 of 19 games
  • 101-125 – 3 of 19 games
  • 126 Or More – 2 of 19 games

This means that the sportsbooks are pretty much on it – Smith has gone under 50 yards eight of 19 games played between the regular season and the Playoffs.

Notably, the NFL sportsbooks are giving Smith +150 odds on that outcome – an outcome that has happened 42% of the time.

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+150 odds carries an implied probability of 40%, meaning that Smith has about a 40% chance to go under 50 yards.

Since it has happened 42% of the time, there’s a bit of a value gain on this bet – if they had set it at 8/19, it would be about +138.

Thus, the value gain is small, but still notable, when you look at the odds for Devonta Smith to go under 50 yards in the Super Bowl.

Smith Under 50 Yards? Y/N