Using Isiah Pacheco’s Exotic Props to Increase Payouts

  • Isiah Pacheco’s exotic props at BetOnline are an excellent alternative to his rushing yards prop, offering players better payouts that are likely to hit.
  • Players should bet on both the 51-75 and 76-100 rushing yard ranges instead of the over on Isiah Pacheco’s 48.5 rushing yard prop.

GLENDALE, Ariz. - Isaiah Pacheco props for Super Bowl 57 have been posted by many top online sportsbooks, with BetOnline offering a unique Pacheco exotic rushing prop that has bettors choose a range of rushing yards that the rookie may rush for against the Philadelphia Eagles.

Isiah Pacheco Exotic Prop in Super Bowl 57

  • 51-75 +225
  • 26-50 +250
  • 25 or less +300
  • 76-100 +400
  • 101 or more +650

Betting Isiah Pacheco's Super Bowl Prop at BetOnline

Bettors at online Super Bowl sportsbooks can effectively write off Isiah Pacheco's 26-50 yard and 25 or fewer ranges given his status as the bell cow running back for Kansas City Chiefs.

Isiah Pacheco had an inconsistent start to his career with carries and snaps somewhat limited, but since taking over the starting running back spot in Week 10 for the Chiefs he has seen his production explode:

  • Pacheco as a Reserve (6 Games): 5.17 Carries per Game/ 24.83 Rushing Yards per Game/3.57 Yards per Carry
  • Pacheco as a Starter (13 Games): 12.38 Carries per Game/ 61.69 Rushing Yards per Game/4.9 Yards per Carry

Starting has not necessarily even been mandatory for Pacheco to have big games, he has simply needed carries.

When getting 10 or more carries this season, Pacheco has rushed for 71.27 YPG and has only gone under 48.5 yards once.

In games with less than 10 carries his production has predictably slipped, averaging 20.88 YPG, with only one game over 50 yards.

That consistency may point some bettors to just take the over on his standard rushing yards prop (48.5 yards), but the increased payouts at online sportsbooks when betting on the Isiah Pacheco exotics make those above 50 yards a much better bet.

Finding the right rushing yard exotic for Pacheco that is above 50 (51-75, 76-100, or 101+) may be difficult as his production has varied within that range, but the past running back production versus the Philadelphia Eagles in the past seven games shows that Pacheco is likely to run for between 51 and 100 yards and not make it to the 101 rushing yards range:

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Running Back Rushing Yard Ranges vs the Philadelphia Eagles (Past Seven Games):

  • 51-75: 3 Games
  • 76-100: 4 Games
  • 101+: 0 Games

When left with a choice between 51-75 yards (+225) and 76-100 Yards (+400), bettors may be better off splitting their wager into both categories.

Doing so still results in a better payout than just betting on Pacheco to go over 48.5 yards.

Consider an example with a $100 bet split between both Pacheco exotic props or with the entire bet on the standard rushing prop.

Betting $100 on Pacheco's Exotic Rush Yard Prop

  • 51-75 (+225): $60 bet wins $135 Win that Guarantees $95
  • 76-100 (+400): $40 bet $160 Win that Guarantees $100

Betting $100 on Standard Rush Yard Prop

  • Over 48.5 Yards (-114): $88 Profit

Locking in the extra profit on Isiah Pacheco's rushing yards can be done with minimal risk, and makes the rushing yard exotic a much better bet than Pacheco's standard rushing yards line.