Durant, Kyrie Props Set Combined 2022-23 Point Total At 56

  • Online sportsbooks have +340 odds for Kevin Durant and Kyrie Irving averaging a combined total of 56 points per game for the 2022 season and +330 odds for them to average 27 each.
  • During the 2021 season, Irving did not play 41 games, but both players combined for an average of 57.3 points.

BROOKLYN, N.Y. – Even though it does not look great for the duo of Kevin Durant and Kyrie Irving to continue with the Nets, online sportsbooks have +340 odds for them to combine for 56 points per game over the course of the 2022-2023 season.

During the 2021-2022 season, they combined for an average of 57.3 points.

This scoring total bet does not require them to be on the same team, and the bet may have a better chance of hitting if/when they are playing for separate teams. However, in in order for this bet to be valid and able to hit, both players must play at least 41 games during the 2022 season.

Player Statistics Since 2017 Point To Prop Betting Value

If these two players keep playing to their standard, and both manage to play at least 41 games, this prop bet of averaging a combined 56 point holds value based off their past player statistics.

Kevin Durant

Year Team Games Played Minutes Per Game Points Per Game
2021 Brooklyn 55 Games 37.2 29.9
2020 Brooklyn 35 33.1 26.9
2019 Brooklyn Missed Whole Season NA NA
2018 Golden State 78 34.6 26.0
2017 Golden State 68 34.2 26.4

Kyrie Irving

Year Team Games Played Minutes Per Game Points Per Game
2021 Brooklyn 29 36.1 27.4
2020 Brooklyn 54 34.9 26.9
2019 Brooklyn 20 32.9 27.4
2018 Boston 67 33.0 23.8
2017 Boston 60 32.2 24.4

The Duo’s PPG Before Sharing The Court

For this bet to hit, each player would have to average 28 points per game. Because Durant has averaged more than Irving in past seasons, it is logical to see the split as more 30 for Durant and 26 for Irving.

When KD was sharing the court with Steph Curry and Klay Thompson, he averaged 26 points per game, with his role decreasing. In Boston, Kyrie never seemed to find his rhythm, averaged 23.5 over the two seasons.

Since 2017, Durant has not averaged less than 26 points, proving that has been a consistent scorer in this league, no matter the team he plays for.

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Durant And Irving In Brooklyn

In 2019, KD missed the entirety of the regular season, while Kyrie adapted to his new role in Brooklyn, and scored 27 ppg, while waiting for Durant’s eventual return. When KD finally returned for the 2020 season, he was able to play 35 full games, and averaged 26 points.

In his 54 games played, Irving averaged 26 points as well, as the two were very close to a combined 56 points per game.

2021 looked slightly different, with KD being almost to full health, but Kyrie being denied eligibility to play for the majority of the season, due to the New York vaccine mandates in place. Playing only 29 games at the end of the season, Irving ended up averaging 27 points.

Although he suffered minor injuries throughout the season, KD was able to play a total of 55 games, and average 29.9 points over the course of the unpredictable season. Even with the issues throughout the season, they managed to combine for an average over 56.

Kyrie Alone As A Net For 2022?

After James Harden’s departure, and Kevin Durant requesting a trade, Kyrie will be the last of the big three in Brooklyn, unless he gets traded as well. If he does stay a Net, bettors will see if Kyrie can lead a team to success, or at least score at least 27 points per game.

The two players only played a total of 44 games together in Brooklyn, and could hit potentially hit the 56 total on the same team, or by going their separate ways.

Other Prop Bets For The Duo

Who Will Average More Points?

  • Kevin Durant -175
  • Kyrie Irving +130

One of the last prop bets from sportsbooks surrounding the two players, is around them both averaging 27ppg individually at +330, under the same condition that they each pay at least 41 games.

Who Will Average More Points?

  • Kevin Durant -175
  • Kyrie Irving +130