Exacta Bets On The Favorite Are The Best Value At The Derby

  • Kentucky Derby Exacta odds heavily favor Epicenter.
  • Betting on Epicenter via Exacta bet provides more value than bets on a straight-up win.

LOUISVILLE, Ky. – Kentucky Derby Exacta odds are now readily available to horse bettors, and naturally, they provide excellent value for Epicenter bettors.

Ten Shortest Exacta Odds For The Kentucky Derby

Exacta (1st-2nd in order) With Gate Numbers Odds
3. Epicenter – 10. Zandon +1400
10. Zandon – 3. Epicenter +1600
3. Epicenter – 12. Taiba +2200
3. Epicenter – 6. Messier +2500
12. Taiba – 3. Epicenter +2800
3. Epicenter – 1. Mo Donegal +3000
6. Messier – 3. Epicenter +3000
3. Epicenter – 8. Charge It +3500
3. Epicenter – 15. White Abarrio +3500
10. Zandon – 12. Taiba +3500

Bets On Epicenter To Finish Top Two Prove To Offer Little Value Based On Exacta Odds

Epicenter’s odds to win the Kentucky Derby are +300. If the odds for the five shortest Exacta odds that have Epicenter winning are averaged out they come to +12600.

Averaging out the odds in that manner may be a bit extreme, but if the belief is that Epicenter will win then the best bet is on Epicenter to win and one of the next five horses with the shortest odds win.

An example of that could be shown with a five-unit bet. A bet on five units for just Epicenter to win would pay 15 units.

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If the units were spread out correctly amongst the top five finishers, then the minimum a Kentucky Derby betting fans could win is 22.4 units.

That is a 7.4 unit increase, and it only requires slightly more risk since those horses are considered likely to do well.

Example Of Spreading Out Units On Epicenter Exacta Bets

Orders With Gate Numbers Odds Units Bet Units Won
3. Epicenter – 10. Zandon +1400 1.6 22.4
3. Epicenter – 12. Taiba +2200 1.05 23.1
3. Epicenter – 6. Messier +2500 0.95 23.75
3. Epicenter – 1. Mo Donegal +3000 0.75 22.5
3. Epicenter – 8. Charge It +3500 0.65 22.75

That layout of bets may not even be optimized, but it shows that bets on the exact order are a way to get a leg up on your online sportsbook.