New York Rangers Only Slight Favorites To Avoid 0-2 Deficit Vs. Pittsburgh Penguins

  • The New York Rangers won three of their four games against the Pittsburgh Penguins during the regular season.
  • The Rangers are favored to win game two Vs. the Penguins but Pittsburgh is favored to win the series, as the lower seed.

NEW YORK – The NHL Playoffs continue tonight with Game Two between the New York Rangers and the Pittsburg Penguins. Pittsburg left Madison Square Garden with a 4-3 win to take a 1-0 lead in the series. This took three overtimes but online sportsbooks do not see the penguins taking a 2-0.

Odds To Win Game 2

  • Rangers -160
  • Penguins +135

These odds should not be a surprise, with the Rangers being the better seed and still holding home-ice advantage. During the regular season, the Rangers won three of their four games against the Penguins and the only game they lost was in Pittsburg.

No matter the outcome of game two, the Penguins will be heading back to Pittsburg in a comfortable position. If the Rangers take game two, the Penguins will still have the home-ice advantage for games three and four.

Over the regular season, the Penguins went 23-13-5 when playing at home.

Odds Are In Favor Of Pittsburg Taking The Series

Even though the Penguins are favored to lose game two, online sportsbooks have them as the favorite to win the series. Although it was close, this was not the case before the playoffs started on Monday.

The Changes In The Series Odds

Team Current Odds To Win Series Previous Odds To Win Series
Rangers +135 -115
Penguins -160 -105

Penguins And Rangers Previous Playoff Runs

Claiming the Stanley Cup in 2017 and 2018, the Penguins have not had any playoff success since. Pittsburg was in playoff contention every year since their last championship but only made it passed the first round one time out of four.

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The Rangers have also not seen any playoff luck and this is the first season they have made it to the postseason since their Conference Semi-Finals lost in 2017 to the Ottawa Senators.

Stanley Cup Odds

Both teams had rather long odds to win the championship and raise the Stanley Cup but Pittsburg is slightly more favored than the Rangers after their gritty game one win.

With these long odds, betting on the NHL playoffs for either team would offer a high reward.

Changing Stanley Cup Odds

Team Current Odds To Win Series Previous Odds To Win Series
Rangers +1800 +1200
Penguins +1600 +2200

The Penguins’ odds have certainly shortened and they have and major playoff success within the last six years.

Betting on them to win the title could turn $20 into $320. As the first round of the playoffs continues, the Penguins’ odds will most likely continue to shorten, if they keep finding success against the Rangers.