Finding Value In Jalen Hurts Super Bowl 57 Parlay Bets

  • Jalen Hurts has +1100 odds to throw three passing TDs and have A.J. Brown get two receiving touchdowns.
  • Hurts has +1200 odds to get 350+ passing yards and two or more passing touchdowns.
  • Hurts has +1600 odds to score the first touchdown of the Super Bowl and pass for more than 250 yards.

PHILADELPHIA - Jalen Hurts will be in the spotlight during Super Bowl 57, and bettors can construct same game parlays with Hurts and other players on the Eagles – or just the Eagles themselves – to extract some extra chances at high-profit bets.

Jalen Hurts 3+ Passing TDs and A.J. Brown 2+ Touchdowns +1100

Jalen is not a prolific passer, but he is a dangerous one. He only has three games in which he’s passed for three or more touchdowns this season.

However, in two of those games, A.J. Brown did hit two or more receiving touchdowns, which is notable in the context of this prop.

Even in the game in which he didn’t hit two receiving touchdowns, he saw one. In fact, due to a third receiving touchdown in one of these games, Brown actually averages 2+ touchdowns in games in which Hurts passes for 3+ touchdowns.

Jalen Hurts 350+ Passing Yards and 2+ Passing Touchdowns +1200

The good news for this prop is that Jalen Hurts passing for two or more passing touchdowns is not uncommon – between the regular season and the Playoffs, it happened nine times.

The bad news is that Hurts passing for 350 yards really is uncommon. Between the regular season and Playoffs, he only did it once.

That said, he did it in a game in which he passed for three touchdowns. In addition, he passed for 340 yards in another game in which he passed for three touchdowns.

Jalen Hurts 1st TD Scorer and Jalen Hurts 250+ Passing Yards +1600

Jalen Hurts handles the ball a lot, and is a prolific rusher, especially on the goal-line, where Hurts can use his strength and speed to great effect.

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That said, Hurts has only five games over 250 passing yards.

Hurts’ odds to be the first touchdown scorer of the game are set at +650 at the online sportsbooks. Hurts’ odds to pass for more than 250 yards are set at +110.

This means that fair odds for this wager would be set at around +1475. Notably, you can find this wager at Bovada for +1600.

In other words, this might actually be a solid value play for an NFL betting fan, according to this math.