Gubernational Odds for Republicans, Democrats

  • Ron DeSantis is the heavy favorite to be reelected as the Florida governor, with the Republican party having -7500 odds to win the November 8 election.
  • Maryland has the largest gap between political parties with the Democratic Party having -25000 odd to be reelected which is led by Wes Moore.
  • Oregon is currently the closest state for which party will win the election for governor with Christine Drazen as the slight favorite and would be the first Republican Governor in Maryland since 1982.

TALLAHASSEE, Fl. – Even though Florida has been known as a swing state in the past, current Florida Governor Ron DeSantis is heavily favored to stay in office following the 2022 Gubernational Election.

The state of Florida has -7500 odds to have a Republican win the governor race on November 8, with the Democratic category having +1600 odds for Charlie Crist. The Republican Party is heavily favored in part due to Republicans out-registering Democrats in 2022 by 170,000 as of the beginning of November.

Texas is another state that is heavily favored by the Republican candidate, with Greg Abbot running for a third straight election cycle. Even with Oprah Winfrey endorsing Beto O’Rourke as the Democratic candidate, Bovada still has Abbot as the heavy favorite.

Odds for States Favoring Republicans

State Republican Odds Democratic Odds
Florida -7500 +1600
Texas -7500 +1600
Georgia -2000 +700
Alabama -15000 +1600
Arkansas -15000 +1600
Idaho -15000 +1600
Iowa -15000 +1600
Nebraska -15000 +1600
Ohio -15000 +1600
South Carolina -15000 +1600
South Dakota -15000 +1600
Tennessee -15000 +1600
Vermont -15000 +1600
Alaska -2000 +1000
New Hampshire -5000 +1000

Odds for States Favoring Democrats

Maryland currently has the largest gap for online political betting between Republican and Democratic odds, favoring the Democratic Party by -25000 that is led by Wes Moore running for Governor. Even though Larry Hogan has been a Republican Governor in Maryland since 2015, the polls are heavily favoring Moore for the Democrats against Republican Dan Cox.

Over in California, Gavin Newsom is looking for his second consecutive term as governor and the odds favor his return. Brian Dahle is running against Newsome and would be the first Republican Governor in California since Arnold Schwarzenegger left office in 2011.

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States That Favor Democratic Party

State Democratic Odds Republican Odds
Maryland -25000 +2000
California -15000 +1600
Colorado -5000 +1200
Hawaii -15000 +1600
Illinois -5000 +1000
Massachusetts -5000 +1100
Rhode Island -15000 +1600

States With Odds Too Close to Call

Oregon and Wisconsin both have odds for Gubernational Elections that are also too close to call at online betting sites. While there are no heavy favorites for these states, there is value through these wagers because the heavily favored states do not offer high payouts on winning bets.

Tina Kotek is running as the Democratic candidate in Oregon and is a slight underdog with Oregon having -165 odds for the Republican party to win. Oregon's past governor, Kate Brown was also a part of the Democratic Party. If Christine Drazen remains the favorite and wins the governor race in Oregon, she would be the first elected Republican Governor since 1982.

Up For Grab States Odds

State Democratic Odds Republican Odds
Oregon +125 -165
Wisconsin +200 -300
Arizona +550 -1000
Maine -450 +300
Nevada +275 -450
New Mexico -290 +210
Oklahoma +525 -165
Pennsylvania -1500 +750

Will any underdogs win the race for state governor in 2022?