Hard Times For Sportsbooks, Now Offer Pornhub Traffic Odds

  • With the United States entering a serious time in the COVID-19 pandemic, many workplaces are shutting down and laying people off.
  • Similar time periods in the past have raised the amount of traffic to PornHub.com, and some sportsbooks are offering odds on whether or not the same will happen this time.
  • There are odds on everything from PornHub’s global rank at the end of the month to their total number of visitors.

LAS VEGAS – The world is stuck at home during the COVID-19 pandemic, which means certain behaviors might be modified.

Specifically, when Americans are stuck at home, and experience hard times, they tend to turn to one specific website to make them feel a little better.


Given the lack of sports betting, it should come as no surprise that some online sportsbooks are offering odds on anything they can think of. This includes odds for hobbies and interests outside the world of sports.

BetOnline’s sportsbook is offering multiple different bets that all boil down to the same thing: how much will PornHub traffic go up during the month of March, when so many Americans are stuck at home. It’s a hot topic, that could possibly net sports bettors a great return.

PornHub Global Rank Betting

There are multiple bets on where PornHub’s global ranking will end up during what could be their biggest month of the year.

The first bet sets the over/under at 8.5, meaning that if PornHub was the eighth most visited website in the world, the under hits.

The second bet sets the over/under at 6.5 for the U.S. specifically, meaning that if they end up being the 6th most visited website in the country, the under hits. According to Alexa.com, Pornhub is currently ranked 36th in the USA, so there would have to be a major spike in traffic for the under to hit.

Pornhub.com global rank for March 2020:

  • Over 8½ Global rank -150
  • Under 8½ Global rank +110

Pornhub.com U.S. rank for March 2020:

  • Over 6½ U.S. rank -200
  • Under 6½ U.S. rank +150

The odds given here seem to suggest that the expected place for it to end up worldwide is above 8.5, but it’s unclear how the pandemic will affect traffic, and a sports bettor could double their money if they cash in on PornHub ranking higher than 6.5. It would be once of the most interesting parlay’s to make today.

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PornHub Visits And Traffic Betting

The next major category of betting on entertainment sites like Pornhub is the total visits category. In this case, the over/under line is set at three billion visits.

This is a little less than half of the population of the world. However, these visits do not have to be unique – they can be repeat visits.

In 2018, Pornhub released a year in review in which they reported 33.5 billion visits within just that year. That translates to about 2.8 billion visits per month. Evidently, with much of the world under lockdown, the sportsbooks expect a lot of traffic to go to places like this.

The over is a heavy favorite here, with -320 odds, while the under is +210.

Pornhub.com total visits for March 2020:

  • Over 3 Billion -320
  • Under 3 Billion +210

Speaking of traffic, the last available bet on PornHub is their traffic percentage as of March 31, 2020. Evidently, the sportsbooks expect a significant portion of people to use their services.

The over/under line for traffic percentage is set at 24.5, meaning that if their traffic percentage is 25 or more, the over hits.

Pornhub.com U.S. traffic percentage on March 31:

  • Under 24½ percent -300
  • Over 24½ percent +200

The under is a heavy favorite here, with -300 odds, while the over has +200 odds. While the world is locked at home practicing social distancing, many people will turn to places like PornHub to pass the time– this is known.

The question on the minds of sports bettors and gamblers everywhere at this point is, “how many?”