History In The Making: Iowa Hawkeyes Over Under Point Totals

  • Sports betting history is being made by the Iowa Hawkeyes with online sportsbooks setting a record low 26.5-point over under for their contest versus the Nebraska Cornhuskers.

LINCOLN, Neb. – The Iowa Hawkeyes have broken the record that they already own for the lowest over under total at online sportsbooks at 26.5 points.

That is 16 points lower than the next lowest over under in college football this week, but that is not the record being referenced.

The record in reference is of course the fact that the 26.5-point over under for the Iowa vs Nebraska game is the lowest total for a college football game in recorded history.

The historic sportsbook low point total may not even look high enough when you visualize just how low-scoring and under-heavy the Iowa schedule looks so far this season.

Iowa Hawkeyes Over Under Results

Game Pregame Total Actual Total Result
Week 1- Iowa: 24 - Utah State: 14 43.5 38 Under
Week 2- Iowa: 20 - Iowa State: 13 34.5 33 Under
Week 3- Iowa: 41 - Western Michigan: 10 43.5 51 Over
Week 4- Penn State: 31 - Iowa: 0 37.5 31 Under
Week 5- Iowa: 26 - Michigan State: 16 36.5 42 Over
Week 6- Iowa: 20 - Purdue: 14 38.5 34 Under
Week 7- Iowa: 15 - Wisconsin: 6 34 21 Under
Week 8- Minnesota: 12 - Iowa: 10 30.5 22 Under
Week 10- Iowa: 10 - Northwestern: 7 32 17 Under
Week 11- Iowa: 22 - Rutgers: 0 27.5 22 Under

Why Is The Iowa vs Nebraska Total So Low?

While Nebraska’s fourth-worst scoring offense among Power Five programs is certainly a contributing factor in this record-low total at college football online sportsbooks, the main culprit of such a low total is the Iowa Hawkeyes.

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Within the Iowa Hawkeyes football program, bettors can eye a few main candidates as to why the team scores so few points and why online sportsbooks were practically forced to set a record low total:

  • The Ferentz Family: Kirk Ferentz (head coach) and son Brian Ferentz (offensive coordinator) are likely the leading reason why Iowa football games result in so few scores. Iowa is the third lowest scoring team in the Power Five this season, which is their second straight season in the bottom six. The struggles last year led to Kirk and Hawkeye administration putting a clause in Brian’s contract that the team must average at least 25.00 points per game this season for him to be retained. Brian has since announced he will be stepping away from the program after the season, although the 18.5 ppg average thus far may have already established that.
  • Tory Taylor: The punter for Iowa, Tory Taylor has established himself as a legend in the Iowa football community and betting community for his ability to flip field position and give opposing teams a longer field to deal with. Taylor has led the NCAA in punting yards this season and last because of his booming leg and the offensive struggles of the program.
  • Iowa Hawkeyes Defense: Combining Taylor’s booming leg and the stifling Iowa Hawkeyes defense has made scoring on Iowa Defensive Coordinator Phil Parker and his players incredibly difficult. Teams cannot score what they normally average vs the unit. Every Power Five team this season has scored less than their season-long average vs the Hawkeyes, with all but two scoring at least 8.5 points fewer. That 8.5 points fewer mark is impressive, especially because seven of their nine Power Five opponents already rank among the 17 worst offenses in the country by points per game and don’t have as many points per game to lose.

Where to Bet on the Historically Low Over Under Total for Iowa vs Nebraska

Five of the major online sportsbooks that accept US residents (Bovada, BetOnline, FanDuel, MyBookie, and DraftKings) are nearly harmonious in offering a 26.5-point total for the Iowa vs Nebraska matchup. The lone outlier is BetOnline at a flat 26 points.

For bettors looking to bet on the over in the matchup, that lower total at BetOnline is likely the best bet. The game is not likely to result in many points, with the added push potential at BetOnline a valuable option for bettors.

Bettors looking to get some money on the under can stick to any of the Bovada, MyBookie, FanDuel, and DraftKings foursome to secure the 26.5 number.