Houston Astros In 6? World Series Betting Props Ahead Of Game 4

  • The Washington Nationals currently lead the series 2-1.
  • A modern MLB franchise has only come back from a 0-2 deficit at home to later win the World Series 3 of 25 times.
  • Game 4 will take place at Nationals Park on Saturday, with the first pitch to be thrown at 8:07 p.m. EST.

WASHINGTON, D.C – On Friday night, the Houston Astros broke the Washington Nationals’ eight-game postseason winning streak with a 4-1 victory.

Ahead of Game 3, David Adler of MLB.com projected that the Nationals had a 74.3% chance to win the World Series, with a 17.2% shot at taking the series in six games and 10.2% to win it in seven.

Meanwhile, the Astros only had a 25.7% chance at winning the series and a 7.8% chance to take it in Game 6, but had 17.9% projection to win the series in Game 7. The data shows that if the series were to make it to Game 7, Houston is more likely to win the World Series based on Adler’s projections.

That is a huge “if”, as the Astros still have to secure two more wins in order for the scenario to play out. Taking a road win in Game 3 was a start, but there is still a tough road ahead in the best-of-seven playoff.

World Series Betting Props

According to current World Series props at BetOnline, oddsmakers are of the same opinion as Adler when it comes to which team will come out victorious in the end. The Astros (+105) are not only receiving 56.8% of bets to win on Saturday night versus the Nationals (-115), but have shorter odds across the board when it comes to winning the World Series.

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Here’s a snapshot of World Series Outcome Props:

Screen Shot 2019-10-26 at 8.36.00 AM

While Washington has +450 odds to win in six and +650 odds to win in seven, Houston has +275 odds to win in either scenario. Should the Nationals win Game 4 the odds will likely shift but given Adler’s data and the current odds even after the Astros are still down by two, the Astros still might be favored in the end.

Other props for the World Series include when and where the series will end, series game total, and series game spread. One of the more popular bets is if the World Series will go the distance, with +150 odds on “yes” and -170 on “no”. Does this mean the Astros will take it in six? Go ahead and bet on it now.