Inspired Entertainment Launches Online Sportsbook Through FendOff

  • FendOff Sports launched a mobile sportsbook through Inspired Entertainment’s virtual sports platform.
  • This is Inspired Entertainment’s first-ever social gaming deal.
  • FendOff Sports will launch 14 channels of Inspired Entertainment’s Virtual Sports.

NEW YORK - Inspired Entertainment and FendOff Sports have come to gather for a major sports betting deal that would bring Inspired Entertainment’s award-winning Virtual Sports to FendOff Sports mobile sports betting platforms.

This is Inspired Entertainment first foray into the social gaming sphere and FendOff Sports is the perfect platform for the company to start.

Patrons will gain a fully realized experience of virtual sports betting with the many options that Inspired Entertainment has to offer.

Virtual Sports Partnership

This partnership shows a major advancement in the virtual sports betting arena as FendOff sports sets to be the home of the many gaming options that Inspired Entertainment offers. This includes football, basketball, soccer, car racing, and horse racing.

Both companies have expressed their excitement for the partnership and what this bodes for the future.

“We are very excited to launch with FendOff Sports, as we believe the Social Gaming space in the U.S. offers great opportunities for Virtual Sports,” said Brooks Pierce, President and Chief Operating Officer of Inspired.

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FendOff Sports is a subsidiary of Virtual Gaming Worlds (VGW), a social gaming operator. This partnership is set to boost both companies’ platforms in the long term.

VGW is respected as one of the pioneers of social gaming with its popular social casino brand Chumba Casino known for its online poker room Global Poker.

FendOff Sports is its mobile sports betting operation, which is looking to continue the company’s social gaming expansion.

“People love to predict the outcomes of sporting events, so we expect Virtual Sports to be very popular with our player base,” said Laurence Escalante, Founder of Virtual Gaming Worlds. “The superior graphics, frequency of events and breadth of playing options make Inspired’s Virtuals a great way to keep our social gaming players engaged all day every day.”

With Inspired having worked with other major brands in the U.S., the online sportsbook is looking to bring the benefits of the partnership to patrons sooner rather than later.