MLB Trade Betting Odds: Lindor, Arenado, And Bryant

  • Francisco Lindor has -350 odds to not get traded from the Cleveland Indians.
  • Nolan Arenado is +185 to get traded away from the Colorado Rockies.
  • Kris Bryant seems likely to stay in Chicago this year, with -500 odds to not be traded.

LAS VEGAS - The MLB is almost back, and there are a lot of prop bets available to MLB bettors on the upcoming season.

One of the big ways in which bettors can interact with MLB prop betting is by looking at props for individual players.

In this column, three prop bets for whether or not an individual player will be traded are set to be examined.

Francisco Lindor Trade Odds

The first player with odds already on the board is Francisco Lindor, shortstop for the Cleveland Indians.

Lindor has been in trade rumors for a while now and only has two years left on his contract, counting this season.

Lindor and the Indians were negotiating on a potential long term deal, but those negotiations came to an end with no deal in sight.

Will Francisco Lindor be traded during 2020 Reg. Season?

  • No -350
  • Yes+225

Interestingly, the odds still favor Lindor remaining in Cleveland for the time being. This could be for several reasons.

First, the Indians still have time to make a deal with Lindor - they could make said deal at any time.

Second, even if it might not be optimal for the Indians to make a deal with Lindor, the shortened season means that there is a higher chance of teams being separated by fewer games in the standings.

This quirk of the shortened season could lead the Indians to a refusal to trade such a talented player unless they are fully eliminated from the playoff hunt.

Nolan Arenado Trade Betting

Nolan Arenado, in normal circumstances, is too good of a player to be seriously available in trade talks.

That said, he absolutely is available.

Arenado was supposed to spend eight years, at minimum, in his Colorado Rockies uniform when he signed a $260 million deal in February of 2019.

However, his relationship to the front office of the Rockies has seriously deteriorated, to the point that they were no longer talking.

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The disagreement stems from Arenado’s desire to content, and the Rockies so-far-unfulfilled promise to build around him.

His unhappiness led the team to try to trade him for much of last year, although their asking price was apparently astronomical - they were unable to find a satisfactory deal.

Will Nolan Arenado be traded during 2020 Reg. Season?

  • No -275
  • Yes +185

This year, Arenado is still a little unfavored to be traded, with No having -275 odds, and Yes having +185 odds.

On the subject of incredibly good players who could be on the trade block…

Kris Bryant Trade Odds

The status of Kris Bryant with the Chicago Cubs has been a matter of debate between the two parties.

Bryant launched a grievance against the team, alleging that the Cubs waited to promote him from the Minor Leagues in 2015 in order to retain control over his contract for a longer period of time.

Bryant ended up losing this grievance, and the Cubs maintained control of his contract through the 2021 season.

In other words, instead of being his last season on this contract, this season will be his second to last season on this contract.

Will Kris Bryant be traded during 2020 Reg. Season?

  • No -500
  • Yes +300

This situation makes Bryant a prime candidate for a trade. He’s an absolute star, who has problems with management, and the Cubs (+2400 to win the World Series) aren’t necessarily a high-end contender who will want to pay his expected salary.

That said, the online sportsbooks seem to think that Bryant will stay in Chicago this season, giving him -500 odds to remain, and +300 odds to get traded.

There are a lot of interesting odds on the board at the major MLB sportsbooks, and that means a lot of chances to win big for MLB bettors.

Best of luck with any trade bets that are placed!