Is It Easier To Bet On the Lottery Than To Play It?

  • The June 17 Powerball Jackpot has +1100 odds of being won.
  • Betting on the first number in the June 17 draw to be an even number comes with -108 odds.
  • The number 10 has +700 odds of being in the June 17 Draw of the New York Lottery.

NEW YORK – The Lottery is a form of gambling that typically gives punters a slim chance at winning an enormous jackpot with a low-cost entry fee.

Online lotteries have also grown in popularity over the years putting even more lottery betting odds in front of bettors. Attempting to win the lottery already puts the bettor at a disadvantage but is betting on the lottery easier than actually playing it?

The answer to that question is a bit of a conundrum but to be frank, the odds are more likely to be in the bettors' favor when betting on the lottery as opposed to the odds of playing the lottery.

Betting on the lottery also gives one more than one chance of winning unlike playing the lottery, since multiple outcomes can be bet on.

As bettors can bet on anything from the Powerball jackpots or the number that will appear on the drawings.

Betting on the lottery is simple and most sportsbooks in the USA offer odds on some of the biggest state lotteries in the United States.

When betting on the lottery, sportsbooks will generally have two types of props to bet on. One of the most common lottery prop bets is if the Powerball will be won. The most popular way to win betting on the lottery is placing a wager on a number that will appear in the lottery draw on a given day.

June 17: Will Powerball Jackpot be won?

  • No -5000
  • Yes +1100

This is one of the simplest bets on the lottery to make and bettors should place a small wager on the +1100 odds that the winning ticket for the Powerball Jackpot will be pulled on Wednesday.

New York Lottery – June 17 Draw First Number Odd/Even

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  • Odd -112
  • Even -108

One of the more innovative ways to bet on the lottery is betting on whether the first number will be odd or even.

There is no real way to predict this outcome so bettors should feel comfortable taking either option, but the -108 odds are a little bit cheaper on the investment.

New York Lottery – June 17 Draw

  • 1 +700
  • 10 +700
  • 11 +700
  • 12 +700
  • 13 +700

Betting on if a number will be chosen in the state drawings is one of the best ways to get a return on lottery betting.

Most numbers have the same odds and bettors are allowed to place bets on multiple numbers.

An advantage of having all odds the same is that it even out the playing field for bettors. This form of lottery betting makes it easier to become a winner without having to predict the entire set of numbers in a drawing.

Seeing the three examples of betting on the lottery props makes it obvious that it is much easier to win betting on the lottery than it is to play it.

Bettors shouldn’t hesitate to see if their favorite sportsbooks offer odds on the lottery.