Longshot Odds For Big Brother 24 Yield Big Potential Payouts

  • There are +2500 long odds for a houseguest to propose during season 24 of Big Brother.
  • There are +3300 odds for a houseguest to get evicted before episode five.
  • A person climbing over the walls of the Big Brother House sees +10000 odds.

LOS ANGELES – The newest season of CBS’s Big Brother is incoming and sportsbooks are already hosting odds for the new contestants. Big Rother 24 will air Wednesday at 8 PM ET.

While these betting lines may appear to be farfetched, show host Julie Chen Moonves has teased that this season will be surprising and have an eviction night twist.

“I think the big headline is [that] the first live eviction night is going to be unlike any eviction night we’ve ever had because it may not be one of the people that you think that ends up getting bounced that night,” said Moonves. “These houseguests aren’t going to learn of this new twisted twist until that night. So your head is gonna be spinning this season.”

This hinted twist could result in big wins for bettors who look to take advantage of these long odds at online sportsbooks.

Big Brother Big Bets

One standout wager is surrounding a houseguest being evicted before episode five. This happens if the producers have to step in for any reason and send someone home.

Houseguest To Be Evicted By Producers Before Episode 5 +3300

There have been a few instances that producers have sent someone home for breaking rules, including famously Justin Sebik in season 2, Chima Simone in season 11, and Willie Hantz in season 14.

This reasoning behind a contestant getting evicted by producers, or ‘ejected’, due to either displaying aggression, violence, failure to comply, inappropriate language, or sexual harassment.

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The most recent contestant to get ejected was in season 22 of Big Brother Brazil. There have been ejections in seasons 22, 19, 17, 16, and 12 of Brazil. This is the most commonly ejected Big Brother contest.

In the US, there has not been an ejection since Hantz in season 14. The likelihood of someone being ejected from the US Big Brother is much lower, let alone by episode five.

Another interesting longshot would be surrounding a contestant leaving on their own.

Houseguest To Be Walk-Out By Episode 5 +2500

This has shorter odds than for a player to be ejected, however, this is still a rare occurrence. In fact, most contestants who wish to leave tend to try and convince the other contestants to vote them out.

In season 23, Brandon French opted to leave, telling his fellow contestants he was ready to pack his things and go. He was ultimately voted out in the second week.

Had Frenchie opted to simply leave instead of urging his housemates to vote him out, this wager would have hit.

Expect The Unexpected

What is likely the toughest wager to hit this season will be if someone were to climb over the big brother wall. This has happened once before, with season 15’s Brian Belo.

Person To Climb Over The Walls Of The Big Brother House +10000

History does tend to repeat itself. And unlike the other two wagers, there is no five-episode limit for this bet. If anyone climbs the wall at any point in the season it is a win.

With the payout at +10000, this is the perfect bet for longshot entertainment betting fans of Big Brother.