Mobile Wagering Has The Potential To Shake Up Pennsylvania Sports Betting Market

  • Pennsylvania mobile wagering will happen soon.
  • About 80 percent of sports bets in New Jersey come from online.
  • Around 75 percent of sports bets in Pennsylvania happen at a kiosk.

PHILADELPHIA – Mobile sports wagering is coming soon, and it could change the market in Pennsylvania.

Kiosks And Mobile

Data shows that sports gamblers prefer to use digital methods to place their bets. In February, sports betting operator Kambi tweeted some information about their sportsbooks.

They said that more than half of bets on their US-based sportsbooks were placed at a kiosk. Right now, there are five Kambi operated sportsbooks in Pennsylvania. Estimations now are saying that it is closer to 75 percent of bets that happen on a kiosk in the state. Kambi’s US director Max Bichsel lists out a couple of reasons why kiosks are popular.

“It gets people to come through and they can move at their own pace," said Bichsel. "They can also see a lot more than they would from over the counter."

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Digital sports bets dominate the market in New Jersey as well. In New Jersey, about 80 percent of all sports bets go through online and mobile devices. Revenue reports in New Jersey have consistently pointed that fact out in 2019.

If convenience and privacy are why people prefer digital bets, mobile could change up the market in Pennsylvania. Pennsylvania bettors will be able to bet anywhere in the state with mobile, much like New Jersey can. This will give opportunities for gamblers to stay home and make their bets privately instead of having to go out.

Since the market in New Jersey is dominated by mobile, Pennsylvania could expect a similar market shift to happen. New Jersey’s online market increased by about $80 million between August and September. This was when online wagering was first introduced. It is entirely possible that it could happen in Pennsylvania. But it will take time before we know.

Summer does not have a lot of sports action going on. This means that USA online sportsbooks are not going to see a lot of action during this time. More than likely, mobile sportsbooks in Pennsylvania will open by early July. If there is a shift in the sports betting market, it will happen when football season starts.