NBA Odds Point To Isaiah Thomas To Sign With The Nets

  • There are six players on the Brooklyn Nets who will not be participating in the Orlando Bubble.
  • Isaiah Thomas is favored to be the next player to sign with the Nets at +400 odds.

BROOKLYN, N.Y.—The coronavirus has definitely made an impact on the NBA as they are forced to finish the season in an Orlando bubble. With that being said, the Brooklyn Nets have been the team that have been impacted the most by the coronavirus.

The Nets currently have six players who will not be returning for the NBA restart either due to injury or the coronavirus. Four of the six players have either been infected by the coronavirus or are concerned about the leagues' restart.

Those players are Wilson Chandler who is concerned, as well as Spencer Dinwiddie, DeAndre Jordan, and Taurean Prince who have all been infected.

There is also Kevin Durant who won’t be playing due to his Achilles rehab as well as Kyrie Irving who is suffering from a shoulder injury.

With those players out, the Nets have had to sign players to fill the roles. Online sportsbooks have chimed in on who the Brooklyn Nets will be signing next.

Next Player Nets Sign With The Nets Odds

  • Isaiah Thomas +400
  • Jeremy Lin +450
  • Nene +500
  • Demarcus Cousins +700
  • Joe Johnson +700
  • Iman Shumpert +800
  • Tony Parker +1000
  • Pau Gasol +1400
  • Vince Carter +1400
  • Jimmer Fredette +2000

Isaiah Thomas/Jeremy Lin

Either Isaiah Thomas or Jeremy Lin would make the most sense here for the Nets to sign which is why their NBA odds are the two most favored ones. The Nets have been hit hard at the guard position as they will not have their two top guards in Irving and Dinwiddie with them.

Some might think that Thomas has the upper hand being that he has had a better career but Jeremy Lin did play with Brooklyn for two seasons from 2016-2018. Lin, however, has not played in the league since the end of last year when he was a part of the Toronto Raptors while Thomas last played this year with the Washington Wizards.

The Nets could also opt to not sign a guard at all as they have already signed two in Jamal Crawford and Tyler Johnson.

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If bettors were to pick from Isaiah Thomas Or Jeremy Lin, Thomas would be the better option being that Lin has been out of the league since last year.

Nene Odds To Sign With Nets

The Nets also need to fill a role at center as they took a hit with DeAndre Jordan being out as well. Being that Demarcus Cousins has already announced that he will not take part in the NBA restart, that leaves Nene as the next big man up to possibly be signed by the Nets.

Nene has not been in the league since last year either when he was a member of the Houston Rockets. Nene would be a solid addition to this Nets team that is in desperate need of a backup center and a veteran presence.

He has managed to stay productive in the league despite being 37 years old. In his last three seasons with the Houston Rockets, he averaged 6.8 ppg and 3.6 rpg. These are solid numbers for someone at his age.

Bettors who take the chance on Nene’s odds could end up happy as his longer odds offer a decent payout.

Joe Johnson Odds To Join Nets

For bettors looking to take the risk, betting on Joe Johnson is the way to go. Johnson has not been in the league since the 2017-18 season when he last played for the Rockets but he has been playing basketball recently and has been staying in shape with the Overseas Elite in a $1 million basketball tournament in Columbus, Ohio. Johnson has also been playing in the Big 3 league.

Johnson has also spent four seasons with the Nets from 2012 to 2016. Johnson would look to come in and make an impact almost immediately being the thin guard presence on the team right now.

Despite Johnson not being in the league for the past few seasons, he has managed to stay ready and healthy for when his time comes. Bettors looking for a riskier bet may be inclined to take his as Johnson’s odds offer a huge payout and he is considered a possibility.