WWE Extreme Rules Betting Preview And Analysis

  • Apollo Crews is a -500 favorite to retain his United States Championship.
  • Drew McIntyre is a -2000 favorite to walk away from this event with his WWE Championship reign intact.
  • Asuka is -300 to retain her WWE Raw Women’s Championship against Sasha Banks.

LAS VEGAS - WWE’s Pay-Per-View event, WWE Extreme Rules, is set to kick off next week, bringing several great professional wrestling betting opportunities to the table.

Before this column jumps into the matches, there is one disclaimer that must always be mentioned when discussing professional wrestling.

Professional wrestling has predetermined outcomes. This means that betting on it is similar to betting on entertainment events.

Many times the results are kept secret from the sportsbooks, but they can and do leak out.

Keep that in mind when analyzing how to bet on WWE events.

WWE United States Championship Betting

The WWE United States Championship is currently held by Apollo Crews, who defeated Andrade for the belt a bit over a month ago.

After handling Andrade in a rematch in last month’s PPV, Crews has moved on to a feud with Montel Vontavious Porter, MVP.

The feud is based around Crews rejecting MVP as a manager/advocate, and MVP, along with his protege Bobby Lashley, teaming up on Crews and bringing a new United States Championship belt into the mix.

Apollo Crews (c) vs MVP

  • Apollo Crews -500
  • MVP +300

Crews is favored to retain the championship at major online sportsbooks time, with -500 odds to keep his hands on the belt after this match.

MVP is a +300 underdog, which could mean that he will end up losing this match as the beginning of a larger storyline, perhaps involving Lashley in a more prominent role.

Of course, this could simply be a one-off feud, and the Champion could simply move on to another opponent.

WWE Championship Betting

The WWE Championship is currently held by Drew McIntyre, who captured the belt from Brock Lesnar at Wrestlemania.

McIntyre has been on a tear recently, and he shows no signs of letting up in this matchup. He faces Dolph Ziggler, who is the biggest underdog on the card.

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Drew McIntyre (c) vs Dolph Ziggler

  • Drew McIntyre -2000
  • Dolph Ziggler +700

McIntyre is a monstrous favorite in the match, and it’s easy to see why - he’s been amazing for the company, and a great champion so far.

Ziggler, by contrast, is almost the definition of a guy who gets a month-long feud with the champ to fill time.

The odds absolutely reflect this, with McIntyre’s -2000 odds dwarfing Ziggler’s +700.

WWE Raw Women’s Championship Betting

This match has been a long time coming - Sasha Banks is set to face off against the Champion, Asuka.

Banks, currently a tag team champion with her partner Bayley, is looking to take the Raw Women’s Championship from Asuka, who has held it since the Royal Rumble.

This is a chance for Banks to join Bayley as a double champion.

Asuka (c) vs Sasha Banks

  • Asuka -300
  • Sasha Banks +200

Asuka, the champion, looks favored to retain. These odds aren’t too far apart, although Asuka’s -300 odds make her a significant favorite.

Banks, at +200, would not be a shocking winner, although it does not appear to be the likeliest outcome.

There are a bunch of other great fights on this card as well - Seth Rollins vs. Rey Mysterio, Bayley vs. Nikki Cross, and more!

WWE Extreme Rules airs at 7:00 p.m. EST, with the pre-show coming on an hour before that.