NBA Restart Prop Bets: Over/Under On Highest And Lowest Scoring Game

  • Sports bettors are taking action on the over/under on total points in-game for when the NBA season resumes.
  • The most points scored in a game has the over (139.5 points) with the shortest odds at -135.
  • Sports bettors are split on the odds for the lowest-scoring team performance (84.5 points).

ORLANDO, Fla. - The return of the NBA season is bringing with it the return of NBA prop bets, with sports bettors already taking action on the point totals for teams and players once the season resumes.

Online sportsbooks show that sports bettors are split on the most points scored by any player when the restart begins.

Sports bettors expect teams to score high, with heavy action being taken on the over for most points by any team.

Point Total Props

The first betting line that is garnering a lot of attention from NBA bettors is the over/under on the lowest-scoring game.

Lowest Scoring Game by Any Team After Restart

  • Over 84½ Points -115
  • Under 84½ Points -115

Although not many teams scored under 90 points prior to the season stopping, the hiatus may have led to some rust that would possibly lead to lower scoring games on the return.

The lowest scoring total for a team so far this season was the New York Knicks 88-132 loss to the Milwaukee Bucks.

Although no team as low in the standings as the Knicks will be returning once the season starts, it is still possible for teams like the Phoenix Suns or the Washington Wizards to have low scoring games when they match up against the more elite teams.

Sports bettors are also taking action on the over/under for the highest total points for a team. Unlike the lowest scoring game, there is heavy action being taken on the over.

Most Points Scored By Any Team After Restart

  • Over 139 ½ Points -135
  • Under 139 ½ Points +105

When the 2019-2020 season was still ongoing, the league was seeing a historical boost in offense and pace of play.

It is very likely for that scoring outburst to continue when the season resumes and teams aren’t as sharp defensively.

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Games to look out for that will possibly have a team scoring over 140 points would be the Houston Rockets vs. the Portland Trail Blazers, the Dallas Mavericks vs. the Phoenix Suns, and the New Orleans Pelicans vs. the Memphis Grizzlies.

All of these teams are strong offensively but are either average or weak defensively. With the teams playing one another after a hiatus, it only makes sense for the games to be scored higher.

The final points-based prop bet that sports bettors are clamoring for is the over/under on total points from a single player.

Most Points Scored By Any Player After Restart

  • Over 54 ½ Points -110
  • Under 54 ½ Points -110

It is understandable why sports bettors aren’t certain on this wager. On one hand, players have been scoring a lot of points this season.

Damian Lillard has two 60 point games this season, James Harden also has a 60 point game this season as well as a 59 point game.

However, these are the only two players to have scored over 55 points this season.

With the layoff possibly stifling defenses, it may open up room for players like Harden and Lillard to have big scoring nights.

But it is also equally possible for no player to score that much due to rust.

There are only 8 games, giving not that many chances for players to have major scoring outbursts. Whether you are taking the over or the under on any of these wagers, you will find these betting lines and many more at online sportsbooks.