NFL Draft Odds Still Remain For Blankenship, Other Kickers

  • There are only four rounds of the 2020 NFL Draft remaining - the fourth through seventh.
  • Betting odds for who the first kicker to be taken in the draft will be are still up.
  • There are further bets of interest as to what round the first kicker will be drafted in is.

BRISTOL, Conn. - The second and third rounds of the 2020 NFL Draft have wrapped up, and there has not been a kicker or punter selected yet.

Sportsbooks across the internet are offering odds on who the first kicker or punter off the board will be, and which round exactly in the draft they will go.

Obviously, there are only four rounds of the draft remaining - the fourth, fifth, sixth and seventh rounds.

NFL Draft odds for who the first kicker drafted will be, and then the odds for what round they will be picked in are some of the last left but are still worth exploring.

2020 NFL Draft - First Kicker Drafted:

  • Rodrigo Blankenship -500
  • Domink Eberle +400
  • Tyler Bass +400
  • JJ Molson +2500
  • Jonathan Song +4000
  • Cooper Rothe +5000
  • Logan Justus +5000
  • Matt Ammendola +4000
  • Tucker McCann +6600

The heavy favorite is Georgia kicker Rodrigo Blankenship, famed for his goggles and kicking prowess.

Rodrigo Blankenship headlines a crop of good kickers in the 2020 draft, and his -500 odds indicate that he far outstrips the field.

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There is nobody else particularly close - Dominik Eberle and Tyler Bass are +400, a far cry from Blankenship’s -500, and after them the odds start dropping like a rock.

It appears to be exceedingly likely that Blankenship is the first kicker off the board - but what round will he go in?

2020 NFL Draft - Round First Kicker Is Drafted:

  • Round 4 +375
  • Round 5 +140
  • Round 6 +185
  • Round 7 +333

The general implication of these odds is that the most likely round for the first kicker to come off the board is the fifth round, closely followed by the sixth round, then the seventh round, and finally the fourth round.

The fifth and sixth rounds are fairly close together in terms of odds, then there is a gap, which show the seventh and fourth rounds are similarly close together.

Overall, reading these tea leaves, it certainly seems like the online sportsbooks think that Blankenship will go off the board in the fifth or sixth round, but this NFL Draft has been surprising already, and that’s the thrill of betting on it.