Sportradar And SportsGrid Secure Multi-Year Partnership

  • The partnership plans to launch its own, free, 24-hour sports betting network that can provide fans with more information and statistics than ever before.
  • Expect other companies to match the arms race and reach deals to increase their technological needs.

NEW YORKSportsGrid, one of the country’s largest video streaming suppliers, has reached a multi-year deal to partner with sports tech and data giant Sportradar to back its already massive platform of sports betting data, statistics, and analytics.

The deal will allow SportsGrid to use the many cutting edge tools and data that Sportradar operates and manages in order to provide fast, reliable data to sports bettors in real-time.

Basically, SportsGrid already runs a large video streaming platform dedicated to sports betting and through this partnership, they will be receiving a major technological infrastructure upgrade. This can also include a major upgrade to the current Virtual Sports landscape.

“In an age of real-time connections and analysis, the Sportradar agreement broadly expands the capabilities and functionality of the production staff, talent and operational management team. Radar360 reduces the analytic workloads and creates more opportunities for compelling insightful storylines and maximizes our fan engagement across the SportsGrid distribution platform,” said Lou Maione, founder and President of SportsGrid.

Sportsgrid already helps sports bettors make accurate bets by providing the best facts and data to make a decision. Now, with the addition of the Sportradar data platform, they plan to launch a 24-hour sports betting network centered around data and analytics.

“We are pleased to be working with SportsGrid to bolster its content offerings and increase fan engagement,” said Dave Abbott, MD of US Media, Sportradar. “By adding our real-time data and products like Radar360 to the mix, SportsGrid is supercharging the betting and fantasy content that its consumers already love.”

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This comes after the earlier reports that Sportradar was ignoring the sports hiatus in their home country of Switzerland.

What does this mean for sports bettors?

Those who love the world of online sports betting will now have the ability to get accurate, trustworthy content from this partnership to influence their future decisions and wagers. The industry may also see an overall increase in the rate of technological advancement. This can mean more advanced betting software, faster odds updates, better quality streaming options, and many more.

While the spoils of this partnership won’t be seen for a while, be sure to check out the SportsGrid platform in the near future to see the status of these advancements.