NFL Expansion Odds Indicate Toronto As A Likely Target

  • Odds favor no(-1200) when betting on an NFL franchise to expand into Canada by 2025.
  • If the NFL were to expand, Toronto(-1000) is the heavy favorite amongst Canadian cities.
  • Past history suggests a Super Bowl would be held soon after relocation, meaning betting yes(+3000) for a Super Bowl in Canada may be better than expanding.

TORONTO – Odds on the NFL expanding into Canada suggest a move in the near future is unlikely, but the fact that the odds exist adds some intrigue for Canadian and NFL bettors alike.

Will There Be An NFL Franchise In Canada For Game 1 Of The 2025 Regular Season?

  • Yes +600
  • No -1200

Online sportsbooks make an interesting point when suggesting that an NFL franchise could either make the move or be created in Canada, especially when considering the size of their largest city, Toronto.

According to, Toronto would rank as the fourth most populated city in the United States and Canada. The three cities in front of Toronto, New York City, Los Angeles, and Chicago, have a combined five NFL teams, making it logical for Toronto to be chosen.

Bovada, the online sportsbook providing the Canadian NFL expansion odds, not only agrees regarding Canada as a logical destination but also that the location would be almost guaranteed to be Toronto.

What City Will Get The First NFL Franchise?

  • Toronto -1000
  • Montreal +1000
  • Vancouver +1500
  • Winnipeg +5000
  • Calgary +5000

Betting On A Super Bowl In Canada

Betting odds not only exist for a team or franchise in Canada but also if the Great White North will host a Super Bowl by 2023.

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Will The Super Bowl Be Held In Canada By 2030?

  • Yes +3000
  • No -15000

The last three NFL relocations/expansions occurred when the Los Angeles Chargers and Los Angeles Rams relocated from San Diego and St. Louis respectively and when the Las Vegas Raiders moved to Sin City from Oakland.

Both Los Angeles(2022) and Las Vegas(2024) have, or will, host a Super Bowl soon after expanding.

Therefore, betting on a Super Bowl in Canada with +3000 odds may be better than just betting on an NFL franchise in Canada by 2025.