Odds Favor Martin Luther King Jr. Heading To Mount Rushmore

  • Martin Luther King Jr. has +2000 odds to be the next person carved onto Mount Rushmore.

KEYSTONE, S.D. – With the recent social injustice issues still taking a toll on the United States, is it time that Martin Luther King Jr. be added to Mount Rushmore?

Online sportsbooks have weighed in believing that Dr. King will be the next person that will have their face carved into Mount Rushmore.

Next Person To Be Added To Mount Rushmore:

  • Martin Luther King Jr. +2000
  • John F. Kennedy +2500
  • Franklin D. Roosevelt +3300
  • Ben Franklin +4000
  • Frederick Douglas +4000
  • Alexander Hamilton +5000
  • Barack Obama +5000
  • Harriet Tubman +6600
  • Rosa Parks +6600
  • Andrew Jackson +8000
  • Donald Trump +10000

Martin Luther King Jr. is clearly the favorite to be added onto the famous monument and he perfectly fits the description to back up his odds.

Those that are on Mount Rushmore right now have all played important roles in American history.

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George Washington was added for his fight for American independence and also being that he was the first President of the United States, Thomas Jefferson for believing that people should be allowed to govern themselves, Abraham Lincoln for believing everyone is equal and playing a role in ending slavery and Theodore Roosevelt for being a very influential world leader.

Dr. King certainly fits the description of playing an important role in American history as he was the leader of the American civil rights movement which was a key in ending segregation in the United States.

Though there have not been any recent rumors surrounding Dr. King’s favored  entertainment odds, it would only seem right that he is the next man up if and when an addition to Mount Rushmore is made.