Ohio State Has the Best Odds for 13-0

  • The Ohio State Buckeyes have the best odds at +185 to win all regular season games and their conference championship game for the 2022-23 season.
  • The Buckeyes have recorded two undefeated regular seasons that ended with a Big Ten title since the 2014 CFP implementation (2020 consisted of 5 reg. season games).

COLUMBUS, OH – With many different ways to bet on the 2022-23 College Football season, online sportsbooks have odds for the top teams completing an undefeated NFL season.

The Ohio State Buckeyes are leading the odds boards for this prop, with +185 odds to not lose a single 2022 regular season or championship game.

The odds for this prop are slightly inconsistent with the odds for the CFP winning team in 2023, due to the strength of schedule in favor of the Buckeyes over the Roll Tide and other title favorites.

Even though the Tide is projected to be the best team in college football, this type of prop values teams that may not be able to beat Alabama but do not face teams with the same skill level. Alabama has +175 National Championship odds, while Ohio State is slightly behind at +300 and ranked 2nd in the Country.

Odds for Going Undefeated 2022

  • Ohio State +185
  • Alabama +200
  • Georgia +350
  • Clemson +550

As of the preseason CFP rankings, Ohio State is currently lined up to play only four top 25 teams during the 2022 regular season, as the number two team in the Country. They start the season against number five Notre Dame but online sportsbooks have Ohio State as the clear betting favorite with -800 odds to win and a 17-point favorite at US Sportsbooks.

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After week one, the Buckeyes should have a clear path to go undefeated until their last game of the season against the Michigan Wolverines, which are currently ranked number eight.

However, Michigan beat Ohio State at the end of the 2021 season for the first time since 2011. With eight straight wins against the team before 2021, the Buckeyes have past statistics in their favor to end the season with a win, not having lost to the Wolverines in Ohio since the 2000 season.

Past Buckeyes Undefeated Seasons

Since the CFP took over in 2014, the Buckeyes have recorded two undefeated regular seasons that ended with a Big Ten Championship. There were two other seasons where they won the Big Ten but were one single regular season win away from going undefeated.

Both of these seasons would have made the undefeated prop bet hit, showing why the Buckeyes are the favorite to hit the prop for their highly anticipated 2022-23 season.

  • 2020 – Even though they only played five regular season games, Ohio State won them all and ended with a Big Ten Championship against Northwestern.
  • 2019 – The Buckeyes recorded a full regular season of winning every game and topped it off with a Big Ten title grab over Wisconsin.