Oregon Betting App In Hot Water for Changing Odds Issue

  • A bettor experienced his payout shift from $1,050 to $916.67 as he placed his wager because of a shift in the odds.
  • After a video of the changing odds is posted on Twitter to explain that the odds only change for his wager.
  • The Oregon Lottery responds and agrees to honor the original bet line which would award him with $1,050.

SALEM, Ore. – The Oregon betting app, Scoreboard, is dealing with backlash due to one bettor’s experience where the betting odds changed while the system was processing.

In a video posted on Wednesday, The Scoreboard app is seen to changing one bettor’s odds as he places a NASCAR bet on Ryan Newman and Matt DiBenedetto.

The initial wager was offered at -110 odds but swiftly changed to a -150 odds on the online sportsbook. This took the original payout of $1,050 from the $550 deposit down to a $916.67 return.

The bigger issue came in when the bettor discovered the odds stayed the same (-110) for anybody else that decided to place a wager on the bet.

A response from the lottery company came after the video was shared on social media stating that the issue had been handled after contact with the customer had been made.

This claim was quickly disputed when the customer stated that he had not been contacted.

The Oregon Lottery admitted that the response on Twitter was incorrect and gave more information on why this switch of odds happened.

“In our haste to provide information quickly, we got the info wrong,” said Matthew Shelby, a spokesperson for the Oregon Lottery. “Lottery had not connected with the player, just attempted to. And the line didn’t just happen to shift. Our traders reviewed the over-the-max bet and offered to take it at the -150 odds. For customer service reasons, we were willing to honor the original odds, and we left a number of voicemails attempting to contact the player.”

Since the bet was over-the-max, the sportsbook asserted their legal right to not accept the bet as it was originally and change the odds.

Oregon online sports betting provides the state with money and was created for that purpose.

The app obviously changed the odds to create a more favorable payout for the company.

With the Scoreboard app showing an increase in revenue these last few months and with the return of sports, the betting platform should not want to create distrust in the app.

The company ultimately decided to honor the initial odds for the bettor who went through the experience.