Play Ball! Dodgers Lead World Series Odds In Potential July Start

  • Major League Baseball could be coming back in July if the players agree to a new proposal by Commissioner Rob Manfred.
  • The new proposal would have teams playing in closed stadiums among only opponents in their division.
  • The Los Angeles Dodgers lead all teams with +375 odds to win the World Series.

LOS ANGELES - Owners within Major League Baseball (MLB) have agreed on a July start date to the delayed season amid the Coronavirus outbreak.

Commissioner Rob Manfred will go before the athletes Tuesday and propose his plan to begin the season that the owners have approved. The MLB Players Association those within the MLB organization will be in attendance to hear the plan.

It is rumored that there will not be a majority view on the proposal but a split of those in favor of it and those that are not.

How The MLB Season Would Play Out

The strategy to begin playing baseball will involve stadiums closed to fans.

There is a concern amongst players about how the league will ensure the health of the teams playing. Testing would be done to make sure each player is not infected with COVID-19 before entering the venues.

Under the proposal, travel would be limited to buses with hopes of using nearby stadiums for non-home games.

The season is slated to start on the Fourth of July weekend.

Schedules would be limited to 82 games rather than 162 games as is the usual schedule.

Games will be played among teams within the same division so that travel is not an issue and buses will work to go to and from outside matchups.

There will be 14 playoff teams instead of the normal ten in hopes that fans will be allowed to go to the games by then.

There will be a 30 man roster with upwards of 50 if needed.

All surrounding areas of stadiums used will need to have state and local government approvals as being safe zones before games take place.

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A universal designated hitter will be placed on each roster as well instead of having a few players for the spot.

With the season potentially beginning just around the corner, MLB bettors have turned their attention over to the World Series odds.

Odds To Win 2020 World Series:

  • Los Angeles Dodgers +375
  • New York Yankees +450
  • Houston Astros +1200
  • Atlanta Braves +2000
  • Minnesota Twins +2000

The extension of playoff teams would also make for a very interesting World Series, as US sports betting sites still believe the Los Angeles Dodgers will take it all.

The Brass Tax Behind The MLB Season

It would also allow the league to be able to gain 40% more revenue through ticket sales to make up for the losses they will have sustained for the entire 2020 season.

Owners are on board with this plan being implemented because of the fear of further financial losses that could occur the longer the season is out.

As it is, a July start date is almost four months’ worth of lost profits for the MLB.

In order to get the players to agree to play in a fan-free stadium, they would like to present the idea of paying them 50-50 style.

All revenue gained from the games will see 50% distributed among the athletes equally.

The MLB is the only major league sport without any pay caps which is something that owners, as well as the commissioner, believe will be seen with opposition.