Raptors Look To Win Their First Ever NBA Title Against Proven Warriors

  • The Warriors will attempt to win their seventh NBA Championship as a franchise.
  • This is the first NBA Finals appearance for the Toronto Raptors.
  • Home-court advantage goes to the Raptors in this series for having the better regular season record.

TALLAHASSEE, Fla. – The NBA Finals have arrived and the Raptors and slated to take on the defending Champion Warriors starting on Thursday.

Many athletes are fighting to build their legacy and also impress owners to gain a larger paycheck in the future.

But the players aren’t the only ones looking to cash in large. Bettors from all over the world are looking at the action for the finals, from individual game prop bets to futures bets on the series.

Before the start of game 1, the Warriors’ odds to win the NBA Finals sit anywhere between -260 and -320 (depending on which sportsbook you use). For the Raptors, their odds to win the Championship are positioned between +215 and +270.

However, this isn’t the best action you can find. According to PropSwap, a ticket is being sold for $125 on the Raptors to win the series in 6 games. The purchaser would watch $1500 roll into their pockets, should the bet come true.

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With Kevin Durant out for at least one game and Demarcus Cousins questionable to play, it may not be as easy for the Warriors like in years past. If the Raptors can take game 1 in Toronto, the odds will drastically shift – still in favor of the Warriors, most likely – closer to even. This makes this betting slip even more valuable, as the likelihood of the Raptors winning will increase after a game 1 victory.

This is the first time in five NBA Finals appearances that a Steve Kerr led Warriors team will not have home-court advantage throughout the NBA Finals.

USAOnlineSportsbooks.com knows it is hard to bet against the Warriors, sometimes you have to take a chance, as no big payout ever came from someone thinking about a wager, but actually taking action on it.

The Raptors are favored by 1 point for the opening game of the NBA Finals with an over/under set at 213.5.