Ricard Foye Becomes Survivor 41 Betting Favorite

  • Ricard Foye is favored to win Survivor with +130 odds.
  • Xander Hastings has dropped to +300 odds.

FIJI – The season finale of Survivor 41 in Fiji is here as it premieres on Wednesday at 8 p.m. EST in a three-hour special.

Leading up to the finale, online sportsbooks have seen a shift in the odds on who is going to win with Ricard Foye bumping Xander Hastings out from the top of the odds board.

Survivor 41 – Odds To Win

  • Ricard Foye +130
  • Erika Casupanan +145
  • Xander Hastings +300
  • Deshawn Radden +650
  • Heather Aldert +1200

Foye Out In Front

Ricard Foye is favored to win being that he has played one of the smartest games yet. He is the final boss remaining and has won challenges left and right in order to stay in the game. He also has great relationships with numerous members of the jury as well.

He has overcome many obstacles as his first tribe was struggling early on. However, he has survived by gaining wins in immunity challenges. Even with a huge target on him to get eliminated, he still has a great chance of winning immunity once again.

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Based on the shift in his entertainment betting odds from +275 down to +130, it is clear that he has the backing from online betting sites and that he has the biggest chance of making it to the final four.

Xander Takes A Step Back

Even though Xander Hastings saw a drop in his odds, he should not be counted out. Hastings has been playing a quiet but smart game since the beginning as he has taken advantage of both Foye and Deshawn Radden being targeted as of late and has stayed off the main stage.

He has also survived his name being tossed around in elimination. The biggest though is that Hastings holds on to a hidden immunity idol which means that he guarantees himself a spot in the final four being that he has to play it in one of the remaining two tribal councils.