Senate Control Becomes A Pick ‘Em On Political Sportsbooks

  • Bovada currently shows that both parties have the same (-115) odds
  • Some GOP officials have urged voters to support some Democratic candidates.

LAS VEGAS – The 2022 United States midterm election begins on Tuesday, November 8. The question is which party will take control of the Senate after the election is done.

Which Party Will Walk Away With Senate Control?

Online sportsbooks currently show mirroring odds between the two parties on who will end up controlling the Senate after the 2022 election has ended.

There are currently 53 Republican party members in the Senate, to the 47 democratic party members, so the Republican party may be at a slight advantage since the Democratic party will need to take more seats.

Bovada Odds For Which Party Will Control The Senate After 2022

  • Democratic -115
  • Republican -115

The Democratic party was able to flip four seats in the last election, whereas the Republican party only managed to flip one. If history repeats itself, the democrats could walk away with a Senate majority.

The Seats Available

There are currently 34 U.S. Senate seats up for election; Republicans hold 20 of these seats, and Democrats hold the remaining 14.

The available seats are in New Hampshire, Iowa, Nevada, Arizona, Ohio, Florida, Georgia, Washington, Pennsylvania, and Missouri.

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Polls are currently showing a pretty even leaning with Republican candidates like Marco Rubio and Chuck Grassley leading in Florida and Iowa, and Democratic candidates like Raphael Warnock and Tim Ryan leading in Georgia and Ohio.

Self-Sabotage In The Republican Party?

Although the Republican party may seem to have an advantage, some of the party’s own members seem to be advising voters against its own interest.

GOP officials Miles Taylor and Christine Todd Whitman recently published an op-ed article with the New York Times where they urged republican voters to consider supporting Democratic candidates such as Rep. Abigail Spanberger of Virginia, Rep. Elissa Slotkin of Michigan, and Sen. Mark Kelly of Arizona.

“The best hope for the rational remnants of the Republican Party is for us to form an alliance with Democrats to defend American institutions, defeat far-right candidates, and elect honorable representatives next year — including a strong contingent of moderate Democrats,” claimed the article.

If more traditionally Republican voters do decide to support Democratic candidates, it could make a major difference in the outcome of the overall election. As the midterm election grows nearer, political betting odds may change.