South Point Sportsbook Keeps Customers Happy With Early Payouts

  • Due to the coronavirus pandemic, South Point Sportsbook is offering early payouts on bets that were affected.
  • All NHL Division bets were affected as the season was canceled and a playoff bracket was formed.

LAS VEGASThe South Point sportsbook is offering early payouts to bettors whose bets were affected by the coronavirus.

They have made it clear that they will be doing this for NHL bets especially.

The reason for doing this with NHL bets is because recently, the league announced that they will terminate the remaining games in the regular season and go forward with a 24 team playoff to finish off the season.

They will be paying out all of the NHL divisional bets for the teams that were leading their division.

With 11 games left in the season, anything could have happened as in some divisions, there was three-game or less difference for first place. While some bettors are joyful at this occurrence, others not on the “Big 4” may be rather spiteful.

The fact that they are going to refund bets to those that bet on the division and payout to those that won the bet is a big move.

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Both the NBA and MLS can be compared to this situation as well as both of their seasons were canceled as well.

The MLS was just two games into their regular season before suspending it due to the coronavirus.

They are now playing out scenarios of a 26 team playoff bracket.

For those that bet on conferences, it would be right for online sportsbooks to refund the bets.

As for the NBA, they canceled the rest of their season as well which plays a role in division bets as well since some of them were just 1.5 games apart.

They will also move into a playoff format as well with 22 teams.

With all of the sports cancelations from the coronavirus pandemic, it will be interesting to see if sportsbooks continue to pay out early or allow all bets to stay as action.